The Vaccination Debate

California legislators are working hard to remove the option of “religious differences” as an excuse for parents to keep their children from getting vaccinated. There have been a number of measles outbreaks in the United States in the last few years. A disease that America thought was all but lost had returned thanks to parents who refuse to get their children immunized. The new law from the state will only allow public school attending children to go without getting vaccinated if there is a proven medical reason as to why they should not receive it. The old excuse of having religious objections or personal objections will no longer be allowed in order to keep a child from getting accented. The bill passed the California State Assembly and is headed to the hands of Governor Jerry Brown. According to Andy Wirth, governor Brown will have the choice of signing the bill into law or vetoing the bill and sending its supporters back to phase one. Many critics are saying that it is hard to guess which way the governor will fall. Numerous child and youth advocate groups have been writing letters and petitioning the governor to support this vaccination bill. Those behind the petitions want to rely on public trust but cannot do so if they are sending their children to places where unvaccinated children can carry a preventable and potentially fatal disease if it goes untreated. The Governor is expected to make his ruling in the next few weeks.

Using Skin as a Smart Device?

When it comes to all of the advances that are made in the world of technology, there are some that are more exciting than others. There are some advances that are made that seem more like science fiction than truth. There are some advances and changes that are made in the world of technology that surprise and amaze, and Sam Tabar said there are some that seem hard to believe. The newest advancement that is being made is one of the things that is hard to understand or believe.

It seems that individuals will soon be able to use smart pens to write on their skin and then use their skin as a sort of device. That’s right, through the help of smart pens, one’s body could become a sort of technological gadget. Smart pens will help an individual become something more than a human. Through this advancement, one’s hand or arm could become a technological being.

Google’s Gmail Enhances Inbox to Enable Undo Send Option


In 2009, Google’s Gmail was tested by allowing users to use the Undo Send option in the Labs tab in Setting. Users could use the feature then by turning on Undo Send in Labs. It was the feature to undo sending messages for any reason. Gmail users can now enable the Undo Send in Inbox by simply enabling it in Setting without using Labs. It is now a feature in Setting and is found by clicking the General tab, located at the top of the Setting’s window.
According to James Dondero Users are able to select the amount of time allowed to undo sending a message. The process of enabling the feature is simple, requiring a few steps. First, Gmail users have to open Inboxes by entering users’ names and passwords. In the far right there is a gear icon. Click the icon and go to Setting. The Setting’s window opens and at the top of it are tabs. General and Labs are two of the tabs that are on top of the window.
Select the General’s tab, scroll downward to Undo Send and click “Enable Undo Send.” A check mark appears in the box. The cancelation period options can be selected for 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds that delay sending composed messages. Be sure to save changes to complete the process. No more sending electronic mail to wrong recipients and without important attachments.


Facebook Doesn’t Need To See Your Face, To Recognize You

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Facebook is capable of recognizing their users. People know that facial recognition has taken place already. However, what Facebook users might not realize is that they are easily recognized even if their back is turned to the camera. That is right, Facebook knows their users so well, they don’t even have to see their face to recognize them.

Certain mannerisms as well as how a person is dressed are easily identifiable. The favoring of certain hairstyles can tell the back of one person from their friend. A person who slouches will stand out among others. This is all made possible, in part because people are so prone to their habits.

The algorithm is still in the experimental stages, but when tested it was right 83 percent of the time. Even though some users will be unconcerned many more will find this technology controversial. There is likely a reason that people are trying to hide their faces from the cameras in the first place. Not everyone wants to be recognized.

The time to voice any privacy concerns is right now. The Aspire New Brunswick knows that it is the time to let the voices either be heard or else be subjected to the loss of even more privacy.

Big Bang Theory Offers $4m STEM Scholarships


In a case where life imitates art, everyone involved with the hit show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has pulled together to create a $4m scholarship fund for low income STEM students. The scholarship is open to students applying to the University of California who want to pursue advanced education in the same fields as their favorite TV characters. The Big Bang Theory follows the adventures of a group of students who are all in the Science, Technology, Engineering and MAthematics discipline. Many of the actors involved have recognized the need to help low income students pursue higher education in these areas. The scholarship is sure to be a boon.

Creating awareness and opportunity
Several of the show’s episodes have dealt with the need for more support for students in STEM fields said Brian Torchin, with a particular emphasis on women and minorities. According to Helathcare Recruitment Services the scholarship hopes to play a part in enabling opportunities for students who may have been inspired by the characters on the show. While not scientists or mathematicians themselves, certain of the actors – like Mayim Bialik – were STEM students themselves. while many people know her as an actress, she is also a respected neuroscientist. Life can truly imitate art when such generous opportunities are created.

Jonathan Veitch Offers Tips About Being Successful

Some people have a successful personal life but a lousy professional. It is the other way round for other people. There are only a few people in the world who have achieved stellar success in both their personal and professional lives. Jonathan Veitch, the Occidental President, is one of these people. Ever since he has been at the helm of Oxy, the college’s fortunes have changed for the better. Apart from his great leadership skills and supportive family, here are a few other things that Jonathan Veitch believes are important for success:

Be Passionate – Jonathan Veitch loves his job and by following his passion, he has ensured that work doesn’t seem like work anymore. This is why he advises people to always be passionate in whatever they do. Jonathan Veitch says that people should only make a career out of things that they are passionate about because ultimately, it is that passion that makes all the hardships and roadblocks easier to maneuver. This does not mean that jobs and careers would become inherently easy, it is just that things would be a lot smoother.

Spend Time On Hobbies – Every person has a hobby that makes them feel better and at ease with the world. This could be as simple as cooking a lovely meal, spending time with friends, watching a movie with the family or simply catching up on reading. A little time spent pursuing hobbies can lead to long lasting satisfaction, great state of mind, happiness and better concentration. Time should also be allocated to exercise and meditation, if possible.

Find Your Edge – Innovation is the key to finding success in life. There are a lot of painters in the world but not all of them are a Monet or Van Gogh. However, every painter has an edge. Same goes for professional and personal life. Whether it is relationships, a project, meeting or anything else, finding the edge and building up on it is important and this is what Jonathan Veitch attributes his success to.

Organize Yourself – Jonathan Veitch believes that great organizational skills are useful in both personal and professional areas. This skill helps to eliminate clutter and makes the mind clear. Thus, things go according to plan and confidence is developed.

Ultimately, confidence and determination are two ingredients that make the basis of a success story. Without these two elements, Jonathan Veitch believes that people would always fall short of being extraordinary and achieving their life goals.

The Chinese Hacker Epidemic

After one of the largest Federal Data breaches ever reported, the government is believing the issue to have been caused by Chinese hackers. Involving high sensitive information, this breach must be dealt with in the best possible way.

This breach, caused information to be unveiled about millions of U.S. government employees. Highly sensitive information has also been compromised by what is thought to be Chinese hackers. Another database of forms may have also been compromised. These forms are Standard Form 85 and 86. These particular forms require for government employees to fill out information regarding mental illnesses, drug and alcohol use, as well any former financial difficulties. The Social Security number is also required on this form.

These particular compromised forms were used to recruit members for espionage of a foreign country. The data breach also includes compromised information for those with United States security clearance. This would help the Chinese with potential spy recruiting. The target of this hack was The Office Of Personal Management. With millions of employees now exposed to foreign governments, who knows what will happen now. The OPM was supposed to keep all data and information secure, however, Cláudio Loureiro Heads says that is obviously not the case and the OPM needs to consider other security options.

This hack was unfortunately the third hack that has happened this year that has exposed millions of people’s information to foreign eyes. It is not currently known what will be done about the Chinese hackers as there is no hard evidence it was them.

Extreme Climate Kept Big Herbovorious Dinosaurs Out Of The Tropics For 30 Million Years

According to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists have found evidence of climate change back in the Triassic Period. For years, paleontologists have noted that there were no fossils of large herbivorous dinosaurs found in places that had been tropical during the first 30 million years of dinosaur evolution.

Dinosaurs first appeared 230 million years ago during the Triassic period. Among them were large herbivores called sauropods. They were common — and conspicuous by their absence from equatorial regions. Many of the fossils found in such places were those of smaller meat-eaters.

Brad Reifler suggested that according to Randall Irmis from the University of Utah, who was a co-author, the researchers had also found evidence of unpredictable climate extremes. As a result, relatively few plants could grow near the equator, and there certainly weren’t enough to support big herbivores.

The scientists had based their study on rocks and fossils from a site in New Mexico. All of the samples were between 215 and 230 million years old. The researchers found that New Mexico had been tropical and had had atmospheric carbon dioxide levels of 2400 parts per million. That’s six times higher than today’s levels. All of that carbon created a fluctuating climate prone to droughts and heat waves. There had been a lot of volcanic activity during this time, and that had caused the presence of all of those greenhouse gases.

Rue McClanahan Topping Social Media News Feed


If you think that Rue McClanahan died today, you are about 5 years too late. The famous “Golden Girls” actress did pass from a stroke, but it was over five years ago. What happened that caused the story of her passing to go viral today is kind of to blame on Twitter. See, the famous social media site has a 140 character minimum. According to Cypress Associates, people were writing for Rue to rest in peace, as this is the anniversary of her death. However, with the 140 character minimum, it cut off the date of her death. This made many think she actually died today, not years ago.

Those who thought this was news today were quite surprised to find the star passed a long time ago. At the age of 76, she passed making Betty White the only “Golden Girl” left standing. The strange thing is that this same thing happened last year, and people were just as shocked and upset then too. The online boards are also seeing a huge influx in people going to look at her official obituary. However, any true fan knows that she’s already gone.

This just goes to show that social media doesn’t always accurately portray things. Stars like Willie Nelson have been reported to have passed at least 2-3 times on social media, and he is alive and well. It is always best to investigate anything that is reported on these websites or at least make sure they are coming from a big name new site for verification.

75 Million Year Old Fossil Yields Dinosaur Blood

Dinosaurs have been a cause for fascination since the first fossils were found in the 1800s. They stir the imagination of scientists and the general public alike, which explains the massive popularity of movies like “Jurassic Park” and the hype for the upcoming release of “Jurassic World.” In the first movie, dinosaurs were brought back to life thanks to DNA found in dinosaur blood contained in a mosquito.

As far-fetched as this scenario seems, there have been recent discoveries that indicate that some fossils are more than just rock. Dinosaur blood cells have been recently extracted from a fossil dating back 75 million years. There are apparently unusual circumstances in which a fossil is formed that can preserve blood and collagen. Before everyone starts saving up for their tickets to a real life Jurassic Park attraction, it is very unlikely that the cells contain any DNA. Even this much preservation can shed much light on the study of dinosaurs. It has already been determined that these cells possess nuclei and that they are similar to the bird blood of an Emu. There have been a few other times when blood-like cells or collagen have been found in dinosaur fossils that are tens of millions of years old but it is very rare. While it is expected to further our understanding of the giants that once ruled the earth, it is not expected to enable us to bring them back. James Dondero suggests that it may be safer anyway to just let Hollywood do that.