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Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Studies have shown that coworking spaces work wonders in that people who hire these spaces reach an approaching thriving factor of six on a 7-point scale. This is at least one point higher than people who remain in regular offices. With these reports, one couldn’t help bur wonder why these workspaces are so effective, and these are the following reasons:

People see their work as more meaningful- with this, they feel like they can bring more of themselves to their work due to it being the norm to help each other, there is no internal politics or direct competition, and it is normally more of a social movement/concrete source.

There is more job control- because it’s not forced or compulsory, people can choose how and when to interact with others- whether it’s to discuss issues at a café or other places.

They feel like they are part of a community- there’s more connection with others.

Because of the amazing results and benefits, corporations can take notes from the coworking movements. And even though the origins of coworking spaces erupted with the tech industry, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, many corporate personnel have reached out to the various coworking operations. One operation has witnessed how much this industry has grown to the point where corporate personnel are reaching out to them and not the other way around. Another coworking operation stated that these spaces spark new ideas.

Having said all of this, more corporations are now scaling back in becoming more of a coworking structure for their employees. More flexibility and control are given to them. More interactions and connections are encouraged, and these companies know it takes a combination of a well-curated work experience and a well-designed work environment for better production. These combination will enable higher levels to thrive than it is for the traditionally based office.

About Workville

Located in a luxury office building at 1412 Broadway, Workville shared office space NYC is an amazing option that’s affordable, and they are centrally located just steps away from major transportation hubs, Bryant Park, and Times Square. This amazing co-working space is flexible with open desks, shared offices, move-in readiness, and three terraces. This luxurious, flexible, and friendly community of space enables success for high quality small businesses and talented startups.

Forefront Capital Offers Viable Investment Alternatives

While the investor standards enforced by the SEC place significant limitations on investment options for anyone who isn’t already incredibly wealthy, Brad Reifler of Forefront Capital found a way around those limitations for financially sound investors.

Originally, investor accreditation restrictions were designed to protect individual citizens from losing savings on risky investments. The standard currently states that to invest in the stock market and individual must have documented income of at least $200,000 per year or a net worth of over one million. Such a high standard has made it difficult for 99 percent of the population to gain the benefits of these types of investments.

Forefront Capital provides non-accredited individuals the ability to invest in the market and increase their savings. Based on 2010 Investor Advisory Committee recommendations, Reifler developed different standards of financial stability that it uses as investment criteria: clients must invest a minimum of $2,500 and already have a 401K plan.

Of course, Forefront Capital cannot simply ignore federal SEC regulations regarding investing. Their investment alternatives do not correlate directly to the stock market which balances the increased risk of these investments by creating diverse investment portfolios. While big returns are not expected, investors can anticipate growing a small seed fund into significant savings for education or retirement.

Forefront Capital knows that individual clients who are not part of the wealthiest class risk more even with small investments. This is why they don’t make any money themselves until a client makes at least an eight percent return on their investments. Reifler remains committed to the 99 percent and their investment and financial goals.  Brad has also taken on Veterans, doing what he can to help them as well.

Lovaganza leads in the Production of High-quality Movies and Music

With the evolution of digital technology, entertainment companies are coming up with new methods of producing, distributing, and monetizing content across the globe. Today, the companies are pursuing opportunities outside the traditional distribution channels and studios. Lovaganza is a prestigious entertainment franchise that has cemented a top position in the entertainment sector. It showcases cultures, dance, and music of different parts of the word as a way of celebrating the distinctiveness of all nations.

“Follow Your Sunshine” movie

Lovaganza participated in the shooting of a film known as “Follow Your Sunshine.” The film depicts a 1950s setting. The film was officially launched in September 2015 as part of a series. The Lovaganza Convoy led by French directors J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve carried a team of 50 actors to Frigiliana (the shooting site), and other 25 actors were selected from 500 local candidates who showed up for the auditions.

The actors in costumes strolling through the traffic-free streets of the historical center evoked a feeling of nostalgia. Maria Jose Caravaca, the Head of Tourism confirmed that the shooting of “Follow Your Sunshine” and other popular movies had promoted tourism in Frigiliana. During the shooting, interior spaces and cars were rented. In addition, staff in charge of security was hired. Frigiliana pocketed £33,000 during the shooting of the movie.

Philanthropic activities

Lovaganza participates actively in charitable activities. Lovaganza’s phenomenal productions create a tangible difference across the globe and raise funds to fund the Lovaganza Foundation, its initiatives, operations, and research for creating inspiring documentaries. These global events will create opportunities and reflectivity to finance and guide other organizations and foundations. The aim of Genevieve Gagnon and J.F. Gagnon, founders of Lovaganza Foundation is to eradicate poverty and boost the quality of life by uniting and encouraging global organizations and foundations to embrace similar goals. Lovaganza Foundation aims at improving the quality of life for kid across the globe by 2035.

The registration process of Lovaganza Foundation is still ongoing. Therefore, the foundation is neither operating nor accepting donations until it completes the registration process. However, Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise has always supported and will continue to support organizations that specialize in enhancing the quality of life for each kid worldwide.

Once Lovaganza foundation becomes fully operation, its primary goal will be to ensure every child across the globe is living a quality life by 2035. To achieve this goal, the foundation will collaborate with other foundations and organizations, which have similar objectives.

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Venezuela’s Gonzalez Says the Country Needs Change

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a member of the Assembly of Venezuela. He was recently quoted in Noticiero as saying that if the present economy model in Venezuela is not radically changed, he can not see a way for the country to succeed. Venezuela is a country that depends on its production and sale of petroleum in world markets to keep its economy buoyant. With the world price of crude at a 31 year low, Venezuela and their Socialist government continues to suffer. Gonzalez proposes a radical change and sees no way that the economy and the country can survive within the present system.
Venezuela is a country not only rich in petroleum but possessing abundant natural resources. From luxurious sandy beaches to the snow-covered Andes mountains, there is something for everyone in Venezuela. It is a relatively young country and like many Central American countries it is changing from an agrarian based to a tourist-based economy and with the transition comes upheaval. The farm worker class has to contend with people from other parts of the world coming from cultures with much higher standards of living, and this juxtaposition has caused a culture clash with disastrous results. Tourists who visit Central American countries come away with a view of countries rich in natural beauty and climate but poor in the human condition. Some residents angry with the disparity between the cultures strike out against the tourists and feel that stealing from them only serves to even up the global economic disparity. Faced with these and the mounting economic problem in Venezuela the government must obey the words of Gonzalez and change.

Seattle Genetics: Cancer Treatment through Innovation

Seattle Genetics is a company which deals with biotechnology. It specifically works towards providing commercial yet innovative solutions in cancer treatment. The company is known for developing therapies which include anti-body based treatments to treat cancer. In fact, they are the world leaders in the ADCs technology. ADC stands for anti-body drug conjugates.

ADC is a technology which benefits many cancer patients. First of all, the technology directs agents that kill cells to cancer cells only. This way, cancerous cells are killed while non-cancerous ones are left to thrive. The end result is that the harsh effects of chemotherapy sessions are reduced and the patient can heal faster. The technology also ensures that the toxic effects of chemotherapy are reduced to a minimum.

Seattle Genetics is a company which is reputed in the biomedical industry. The company is led by a strong work ethic. They have a team which is dedicated towards giving the world the best medical solutions. Their values include the passion for helping many patients all over the world. They also believe in integrity as their guide. The company also values teamwork and scientific excellence in the products which they come up with.

The company is managed by a team of talented staff as well as a board of directors. Their president and CEO, Clay B. Siegall is one of the most respected figures in the United States. He helped to form the company in the late 1990s and has steered the company to scale the great heights it has currently done. Siegall is also the chairperson of the board of directors.

SIegall is a trained scientist by profession and has a specialty in therapies. He founded the company Seattle Genetics on the basis of innovation and research as well as drug development. The scientist has seen to it that their ADC technology has received many licences and that their products have been marketed and accepted worldwide. Due to his good work and qualities as an entrepreneur, Siegall has received recognition in the form of awards. He has, for example, been awarded the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.


FreedomPop Hotspots Are Full Of Value

A family of four is going on a road trip that will be taking them 100 miles in each direction. Although the road trip isn’t terribly long, it seems long enough, especially when the family has two small children that are very irritable. The parents have no DVD player in the car, which means that the children have to find other ways to entertain themselves on the long drive. This is a perfect time to introduce the FreedomPop hotspot and their Wi-Fi service, and both of these services are sold separately but can be beneficial to a family on the go.

FreedomPop is well known for low-cost cell phone service, Internet service, Wi-Fi service, and hotspots. A hotspot can be taken anywhere, and as long as there is a connection to the Internet service provider, such as the ones offered by FreedomPop. With the high speeds that FreedomPop offers, slow downloads is never a problem. Those who want Wi-Fi for cheap can also purchase the unlimited $5 monthly FreedomPop Wi-Fi plan. Not only do hotspots provide Internet service on the go, but there are hotspots with 4G LTE speeds, which is the fastest speed of Internet service that’s available. With speeds like these, it means that a person can easily stream a movie without interruptions, and they won’t even notice that they are using the Internet to stream the movie.

Good Internet service can stream movies, videos, music and more, without having a problem, and this means that stopping, pausing, or fuzzy videos shouldn’t be an issue either. FreedomPop has hotspots that are available for those who need Internet service on the go. If parents chose to get a FreedomPop hotspot, then they would easily be able to allow their children to stream videos through their tablets, or they can use a well-placed laptop in the back seat to allow the kids to stream a movie.

Hotspots are extremely valuable for those are always on the road, especially if they are going from one place in the USA to another. FreedomPop’s hotspots have great coverage, and a person can easily continue to have Internet service in most places around the USA. FreedomPop hotspots are also small in size, and the hotspots have no problem fitting in a person’s pocket, or the hotspot can be placed anywhere a person sees fit to put it. Those who want constant Wi-Fi should consider buying a FreedomPop hotspot.

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Securus Technologies and their Latest Highlights

Securus Technologies has always been on the front line when it comes to public and individual safety by providing a civil as well as criminal justice solution. Before announcing their final report, the company conducts a wide research and comes up with facts showing all the wrong doings and breaches in the society. By doing this, Securus ensures that everybody is aware of any company that has does not act with high integrity and encourage them to serve all the clients in the right manner.

Securus Technologies as reported by PR Newswire – decided to conduct an investigation on one of the communication providers known as Global Tel Links (GTL) and come up with reliable information concerning their wrongdoings. Richard A. Smith, who is the chief executive of Securus, said that they will review all the wrongdoings as well as the potential mistakes of GTL in six months time. He also emphasized on their mission saying they do not revolve around money only, but on the welfare of their clients by serving them well at all times.

According to PR, it has been known that GTL has been overcharging its clients by adding the call duration time by 15 to even 36 seconds which is fraud and unlawful. Customers should not be deliberately charged double during communications and this is one of the many reasons why Serucus Technologies has decided to put a stop to it. The company has been very useful by protecting us from such fraud links and ensuring we are aware of them. The recap mostly dealt on the wrongdoings of GTL and how Securus America would ensure they are shamed so they can try to act in a more responsible manner when serving their clients.

Securus Technologies ensures they protect the whole public from fraud companies and individuals by offering services such as investigation, emergency response and many more. To have a more secure, powerful and simple technology most of the agencies tend to rely on them since they are easy and accessible.


Wengie Shares Travel Beauty Treatments

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wengie. Wengie is a beauty blogger that is based in Australia. She has a very Asian inspired take on beauty, hair, makeup, and fashion. She is also one of the most popular beauty specialist on YouTube. In fact, Wengie has about one million faithful followers. Her popularity is probably due to the great quality of her videos, along with her down to earth approach to beauty, hair, fashion, diets, exercise, travel, and other hot trends. In addition, Wengie produces videos on a regular basis. In this YouTube video, Wengie shares a few of her favorite travel, beauty treatments with her followers. Check them out.

Easy Travel Beauty Treatments
You will simply love the simplicity of the beauty treatments. For example, Wengie starts out sharing her raw sugar scrub treatment. Who knew that sugar could be used as a wonderful beauty treatment. Well, Wengie clues us all in on that secret. All that is required is a foaming cleanser, water, and a packet of raw sugar. In the video, Wengie mixes those ingredients together in the palms of her hands. Next, she applies the mixture to her face. She gently rubs the mixture over her face. It is also important to wash the mixture off the face. Gently pat the skin dry. The treatment removes dead skin cells and reveals fresh, glowing skin. The moisturizing coffee scrub mask is another beauty treatment that is worth watching. This treatment requires your favorite moisturizer, and favorite coffee granules. Form the ingredients into a paste and apply to your face. Leave on about 10 minutes. Wengie explains that the mask is very moisturizing and has a skin brightening effect for dull skin. Other wonderful treatments include an amazing tea treatment along with a hotel face spa treatment.

The general idea behind the video is that anyone is able to create a very professional beauty treatment with items or ingredients that are readily available in the hotel or their vacation spot. Wengie has a lot of wonderful beauty treatments and tutorials to share with her million followers.

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How Sanjay Shah Started Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Solo Capital Markets is owned by Sanjay Shah. It is an international boutique company that offers financial services to clients and is registered in England. The firm’s headquarters are found in London, England. Solo Capital was incorporated in 2011 and started its operations in the same year. Under the leadership and management of Sanjay Shah, the firm grew steadily into a profitable venture and by 2015, it had reached a net worth of around £15.45 million. Its assets reached £67.45 million and the total cash flow was £30.26 million.

Solo Capital Markets is under the control of the Shah-owned Solo Group Holdings. Shah also owns Aesa A.a.r.l. and a total of 39 other companies stretched across Europe. Before Solo Capital was incorporated, shah paid himself a cool $19 million in 2011. Later in 2014, he successfully acquired an institutional, and invite only, stockbroker called Old Park Lane Capital. The firm mainly trades in natural resources.

Sanjay Shah’s Life and Career

Shah was raised in Central London’s Marylebone neighborhood. He enrolled at King’s College to study medicine but as fate would have it, he later dropped out and pursued accounting. His first employment was at Merrill Lynch. In the following years, Shah worked for other top investment banks in London until 2009. When the global recession hit, Shah was left unemployed and decided to open a brokerage company.

The decision to start his firm eventually gave rise to Solo Capital and would later earn Sanjay Shah a net worth of over $280 million. Today, Shah maintains offices in both London and Dubai. He moved his wife and two sons to Dubai after falling in love with the city. The family lives in Palm Jumeirah.

The Birth of Autism Rocks

Shortly after moving to Dubai, the Shah family was hit with the difficult news that their youngest son was autistic. Soon after the diagnosis, Sanjay Shah discovered the tough conditions that faced families with autistic children. He has said that his family was lucky that they could afford to give their son, Nikhil, the treatment that he required. It was this discovery that led to the birth of Autism Rocks. Today, the charitable organization raises money for autism through concerts.


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Securus Offers the Best Solutions to Communication for Inmates

I have seen the movies when inmates sit down on one side of the glass and they pick up a phone. A visitor sits on the other side of the glass and they pick up a phone. Communication commences. The other movies that I have seen have areas where inmates sit at a table and visit with someone as guards stand nearby. Neither of these options has ever seemed like something that I wanted to spend a lot of time doing. That may be why I have been so thoroughly impressed with the Securus visitation app.
This has become the perfect app for anyone that is interested in visiting someone that is locked away without actually go to the prison. This is the new age of technology, and prisons have access to tablets. This is quite different than those movies that I have seen. It is obvious that the technology has greatly improved the communication, and Securus has capitalized on this. Millions of people are using this type of technology, and it has become the most effective way to communicate.

I believe that there is lot of appreciation for this type of software for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. People have begin to log on, fund accounts and delight in having conversations with family members that they have not communicated with in a long time. This is what the Securus Technologies app does. It brings families back together. There are a lot of other companies that are trying to duplicate what Securus has done, but this Securus software may be among the best on the market right now. More people are embracing this because it gives them the chance to maximize their time. They can literally visit with someone while babysitting or cleaning a home when using the Securus America Tech app. I think that this is what has caused many people to download it.

Convenience is what smart devices have given us, and according to PR Newswire more than 85,000 people have already seen the convenience that comes with downloading this app. The great thing about this is that you can schedule a visitation down the line. That gives people something to look forward to. I think that this technology is good because it improves the well-being of the inmate that is locked away. Prison can be a gloomy environment, and that is an understatement. The Securus video visitation app cheers up many inmates.

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