YouTube Adds Age Ratings in the UK

If you’re watching a YouTube video in the UK, you’ll notice there’s something a little different now. YouTube has started adding age ratings to its videos in the United Kingdom. The ratings are made by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and are designed specifically to help protect kids from graphic content on the web.

Not all the videos on YouTube are rated. Right now the pilot program is just being implemented on videos by Sony, Warner Music and Universal, and not that many of them. The classification has only been applied to 84 videos so far, but more are expected to get ratings in the future. CNN reported that the rating will only be displayed on a video that the organization feels should only be watched by someone age 12 or older. Videos are given a rating of 12, 15, or 18.

Video ratings can be great to help parent’s decide what videos their children should be able to watch. In the case of many YouTube videos however, the parents are there to screen what their children are watching and when. It will be interesting to see if the new designation has any impact on what videos are viewed on the service.

The Tortoise Won the Race


Yesterday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration proudly announced that the Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover succeeded in traveling the distance of a marathon run — approximately 26.2 miles — on the red planet even though the race took the small, slow-moving exploration robot a little more than 11 years and two months.

The manager of the Opportunity project at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, John Callas, noted that this is the first time this has ever happened on a planet that is not Earth. Since this event can only happen once, Callas and others at NASA agreed that it should be celebrated and they will actually have a human marathon run next week at JPL to commemorate the event.

Opportunity’s “run” has been a success to celebrate for many other reasons. The rover had an initial lifespan of only three months when it reached Mars in 2004. Yet, it has not stopped exploring the planet or making scientific discoveries. The rover has provided critical data, along with the Curiosity rover that reached Mars in 2011, about geological formations on Mars, water possibilities and the potential for past and current life. It is unknown how long the solar-powered rover will continue to “survive” on the planet, but NASA hopes to celebrate many other “firsts” in the future as STX Entertainment stated in a recent article.

NASA’s future Mars plans include sending more equipment and finding ways to send people to the planet.

Skout: An App for the Young and the Old

A new app on the market is helping people make new friends and find love with users from around the world. The app, called Skout, is available for iOS devices and allows users to do a few different things. Skout allows users to connect with people by location, events or interests. This permits users to have the freedom to choose people they want to interact with based on specific criteria. In addition, Skout allows users to send chat messages to other users, send voice messages, share pictures and share gifts. Users are also able to see whether their messages have been successfully received and whether their messages have been read. Skout can be used by teens or adults since the app allows users to sign up as either a teen or adult. Teens will only see other teens and adults will only see adults.

One interesting feature of Skout is the ability to explore another country through the app by connecting with a person from that country. The feature comes from the desire of the developers to bring pen pals into the twenty first century. In the past, pen pals communicated by pen and paper or email. Now, users can utilize Skout to interact with others and get real time feedback from the person. This allows a user to see a new country as another person is living in it. Sometimes these virtual tours of a country become the motivation for a real life vacation.

Skout also attempts to keep the content of the app on the classy side. This means that Skout approves pictures that are going to be posted to a user’s profile. If Skout sees a picture that is inappropriate, the app will not allow the user to post it. For example, Skout will restrict users from posting too many half-dressed bathroom selfies. This is in part due to research that shows too many bathroom selfies tends to lower the popularity of a user’s profile. However, it has the added benefit of keeping the app a safe, pleasant, and work friendly.

Although Skout is often used and referred to as a dating app, Skout can also be used to just make friends. Skout conducted a study and found that many of the people using Skout use the app just to make friends around the world. For example, more than fifty percent of Filipinos and Brits using the apps were using the app to make new friends. Users in Australia and France also had a high percentage of people looking for friends. So whether a user is looking to explore a new place, meet a new friend, or find love, Skout has a little something for everybody.

Furious 7 Gets First Wave of Reviews


Furious 7 is going to open on April. There have been a few trailers that have been released in order to prepare audiences for the thrill ride. According to the first wave of reviews, this film is a wild thrill ride with heart. It also pays a great tribute to Paul Walker.

According to reviews, Furious 7 means something stated NNDB. While it does provide the big thrills, it does slow down for the more heart filled moments.

The Fast and the Furious is quite an interesting series. When the first movie started, it was a film that involved a cop investigating a street racer. The film was often compared to Point Break. As a matter of fact, it was considered a remake of Point Break. Which could make one wonder what any sequels could have been like. As the sequels came out, the movies got bigger. Eventually, it turned into the larger than life franchise that we have now.

As expected, there are moments of Paul Walker’s character where it is obvious that a double was used. However, this adds to the charm of the film.

Benefits Of Luxury Hotels

Most travelers book rooms at luxury hotels when they attend business events. Many people appreciate that classy hotels have higher standards; this is why all guests receive great customer service and the best food and beverages. Besides the delicious meals and the outstanding staff, there are many other reasons why people stay at luxurious hotels, such as The Dorchester Collection.

Classy Facilities

At a Dorchester Collection hotel, the setting is peaceful and quiet. This is why business executives spend time at luxury hotels when they need time to relax. Because the staff offers VIP treatment, all guests receive personalized services.

Concierge Service

When visitors choose to ride around the city, they contact the concierge service. The staff at Dorchester Collection hotels book concerts and different dinners for guests. Since the employees are knowledgeable, they only recommend the best attractions in the local area.

Other Options

A typical luxurious hotel has gyms, spas, golf courses, and swimming pools. After guests spend time outdoors, they enjoy relaxing in their rooms. At Dorchester Collection hotels, services are offered in the morning and in the afternoon. The staff will also place mints on the pillows every night.

Security Benefits

Dorchester Collection hotels use the latest security systems that ease guests’ worries. Visitors who stay at the hotels never stress because the staff uses efficient equipment that prevents theft and keeps guests safe on the grounds.

Dining Options

The employees at luxury hotels recommend the best fine dining restaurants to guests. Fine dining chefs only cook high-quality dishes that highlight different ingredients.

Luxury Hotel Selection Advice

Because there are many Dorchester Collection hotels, the process of choosing one specific hotel can be challenging. Various things must be considered, such as the kind of accommodations the hotel offers and cost of the hotel room. If sporting activities are important, select a Dorchester hotel that has a spacious fitness center and spa.

BRL Trust: A Brazilian Investment And Financial Services Powerhouse

Brazil’s BRL Trust was founded in 2005. It quickly became clear that it wasn’t just another company trying to find its way in a difficult market. Within a year they had so impressed investors the company was being asked to expand they services they offer. Investors were ecstatic with the advice and returns they were receiving. BRL was quickly becoming a powerhouse. Not only have they continued to grow while other companies have folded up their tents and gone away, BRL Trust has had a run of success and superior decision making that has made them the poster child for smart growth.

These days BRL Trust is a pillar in the Brazilian investment community. The company has not only survived when many other companies have failed, they have a track record for astonishing success and dedication to their customers. Their experienced, visionary staff, commitment to success, and integrity has led to tremendous growth in their customer list. One of the things that helped the company and its investors to do well is the diversity of investment opportunities they offer to the individuals and businesses with which they do business.

The staff at BRL Trust has a deep understanding of the Brazilian market and uses that knowledge to guide investors towards the perfect opportunities for making significant profits. But the company is not resting on its laurels. They continue to strive for excellence in every area of their business dealings. The company initially focused on only investment funding, capitol marketing, and mergers and Acquisitions. However as they developed a solid financial foundation and their Anbima rating began to skyrocket, they began offering a portfolio of impressive new investment and money management options.

BRL is built on a foundation of honest, trustworthy, transparent business dealings and world-class customer service. Their amazing research staff has established a tradition of finding companies on the rise and those which consistently earn a solid return on investment. That has led to investors coming to BRL Trust in droves looking for trustworthy investment advice. The company’s solid financial foundation and history of savvy investment strategies has made them legendary in the Brazilian banking, investment, and financial services industries in just 10 years.

The foundation of BRL Trust’s success is simple. Precise bookkeeping, accurate reports, pertinent data, and working closely with banks to settle assets. They’re also committed to success through integrity, and moral and ethical business dealings.

The Next iPhone Might Have a Force-Sensitive Display

The next iPhone might get a force-sensitive touch screen. According to The Wall Street Journal, the popular phone will get the same touch-sensitive feature now available on the Apple Watch and new MacBook.

The MacBook feature was announced during Apple’s Spring Forward press event earlier this week. Advogando said with the feature, MacBook owners can control some aspects of their Mac based on how hard they press on the computer’s touchpad. You could, for instance, press on the touchpad harder in order to make a video fast-forward a little faster.

For right now, the iPhone’s touch-sensitive screen is just a rumor. It stands to reason that Apple will bring the feature to the iPhone as well. When is anyone’s guess. Apple typically announces the new iPhone in September of each year, with a release date that comes toward the end of the month.

A Simple Test


Findings from a new study assessing for concussion, was reported in the Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology. The study was designed and conducted by the Department of Neurology, New York University Langone Medical Center. The study combined standard measures testing concussion with a simple vision test to measure sustained concussion occurring when an athlete sustained a fall or collision involving the cranium. Chairperson of the study, Dr. Stephen Galetta is reported by NYTimes Health news to have stated that 50 percent of the brain is involved with the vision pathway.
Moreover, sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts in which concussions are more likely, use a simple vision test to assess for concussion stated The Langone Study combined the standard multipart test for concussion with the King-Devick vision test as well as a short pace test. Measures were taken pre-season and compared with those scored when a incident occurred. Athletes were asked to read a set of numbers on three printed cards. If measures varied even slightly, then concussion was suspected. Though preliminary, the vision test scored significantly higher as a measure to assess for concussion in young athletes compared to more conventional assessment.

Luke Cage’s World is Going to be a Tough One


Mike Colter has signed on to play Luke Cage, Hero for Hire on Netflix. Long-time fans of Marvel Comics are going to be thrilled the character of Luke Cage is going to be presented in a dark and gritty manner said Paul Mathieson. This would be consistent with the harsh reality of Hell’s Kitchen, the location in which the Marvel/Netflix series takes place.

Who is this Luke Cage?

Luke Cage is an interesting character. He debuted in the early 1970′s and was, essentially, a rip-off of the movie character Shaft. Sure, Cage possessed the superhero gimmick of being nearly invulnerable to injuries and possessing super strength. Cage’s job as a private eye in Times Square was the same one Shaft held in the movies.

When sales started to slip, Cage changed his name to “Power Man” and, sadly, his book became a run of the mill hero title. Eventually, the poorly selling Power Man book was combined with the cancelled Iron Fist title. The book Power Man and Iron Fist maintained a cult following among readers through the 1970′s and 1980′s.

Modern comic interpretations in the Marvel Max (adult oriented) line re-established Cage as a rough and tough hero who embodies the gritty realism Colter promises to bring to the role.

An Iron Fist series is also in the works. Seeing the dynamic between the two play out on Netflix is going to be really interesting.

Ever Wondered What X-Men Would Look Like if Wes Anderson Directed It? Now You Can Find Out

Wes Anderson has a uniquely distinct style of film-making that has gained him millions of fans in the industry. His films have been critically acclaimed and he has achieved a cult like amassing of dedicated followers, and is revered as a hipster god by many. No matter what you think of his films, love them or hate them, his style is particularly distinct. Anderson is famous for films such as The Darjeeling Limited, Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, and The Royal Tennenbaums.

One young director and filmmaker, Patrick H. Wilhem thinks he’s got it covered. “What if Wes Anderson Directed X-men?” is his latest offering in a series of short films that are styled to be trailers for superhero films in the style of famous directors. While these are films that will most likely never be made, fans are having a lot of fun imagining what it would be like if Wes Anderson turned X-men into a quirky, independent coming of age slow comedy, Gianfrancesco Genoso says full of the low budget effects and unique color palate as well as the indie angst that he is known for, reports had said.

The mock trailer has gained over half a million views in less than a week and is being shared all over twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other forms of social media. Fans of X-Men and Wes Anderson alike all seem to agree that the trailer is pretty spot on, but the famous filmmaker himself has yet to comment.