An Overview of CSC and its former Executive, Eric Pulier

A company is only as stable as the Information Technology Consultant that stands behind them. This is why investing in a reliable information technology is paramount. There are several firms out there with the mission to provide necessary IT expertise geared towards keeping businesses up to date with the dynamic world of Information Technology. Today, we look at the profile of Computer Science Corporation (CSC), an American IT services provider.

CSC – background

Computer Science Corporation was founded in 1959 by Roy Nut and Fletcher Jones, initially as a programming tools provider.

The company is headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, United States, with branches in over 70 countries across the globe.

CSC Business

CSC offers a wide range of advanced business solutions designed to solve complex industry challenges. They include:

Big Data Analytics
Health Information Technology
IT Transformation
Cloud Computing
Business Process Solutions
Systems Integration
Business and Technology Consulting
Cyber Security

With over 90,000 employees, CSC is ranked among the world’s leading IT Service providers and draws its clients from the following industries:

US Department of Defence
Intelligence and law enforcement bodies – CIA, FBI, Homeland Security
Aerospace and Aeronautics agencies – NASA
Communication, Media and Entertainment
Consumer Products
Financial services and institutions
Life Sciences

The company partly attributes its success to a team of dedicated professionals, including Eric Pulier, the corporation’s former Vice President, who also served as General Manager of Cloud. A Harvard University graduate, Eric Pulier directed CSC’s development and delivery of cloud services to businesses, which dramatically improved productivity and lowered costs.

About Eric Pulier

Eric, a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at ServiceMesh Inc.

He is also credited with founding several other ventures, which include Media Platform, Desktone, and Akana. As an author, his best-known work is Understanding Enterprise SOA – a well-known book about service-oriented architecture.
Pulier is also a donor to numerous charity organizations and is a board member of the X-Prize Foundation’s innovation board, The Painted Turtle, among other philanthropic institutions.


Through its existence, CSC has made some acquisitions. These include DynCorp in 2003, as well as Covansys Corporation in 2007. It also boasts of being a Fortune 500 Company since 1995.

On May 2015, the corporation whose operations span across North America, Asia, Europe and Australia, announced its intentions of splitting the public sector business from its global and commercial business.

Doe Deere’s Makeup Brand Is A Testament To Who She Is

Being different is a good thing, and that is something that Doe Deere realized long ago. Too many people try to fit in with those around them, and they try to do the same things as them to accomplish that, but not this woman. Doe Deere has always stood out from among her peers, even as a young girl. When she was in school she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. She experimented with makeup when she was still a child, and she quickly fell in love with it. She enjoyed colors and all that she could do with them, and she only grew more into herself and her love for being unique as she grew older.
When she was just under eighteen Doe Deere moved to the United States. While living in New York City she decided that joining a band was something that she would like to do. So, she started performing with a band and had a great time with them. She dyed her hair purple and pink and did all kinds of crazy things with her makeup. She lived her life her own way, and she was never ashamed of doing that.
Now that Doe Deere has started up a makeup brand on she is excited to be able to help others to live life their own way. She encourages all of the girls who buy items from her brand to use the items to help them to look more like themselves, as she believes that that is the purpose of makeup. She doesn’t think that any girl should put it on just to cover up her flaws, but that she should instead enjoy herself when she is using makeup and use it to help her to look as much like herself, and as beautiful, as possible.
There is so much more to Doe Deere than meets the eye, but what one sees when they look to her tells them a lot. They see a colorful woman who is not afraid of standing out and living her life differently. They see someone who is brave and unique and who is happy to be that way. Doe Deere has never been afraid of stepping out and doing what others hadn’t attempted before, and her makeup brand is a big testament to who she is. People have begun to love it and all that it offers, and they have begun to love her, as well.

John Textor, Passionate About Sharing Pepper Ghosts with the World

At first glance, 49 year old, John Textor’s name probably isn’t recognizable to most people outside the film and production industry. However, within the industry, Textor presence is larger than life in reference to his delicate mastery of media imagery. He is the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation (Pulse), although his name is not a household name yet, his digital projection techniques have made a great impression.

Beginning in 2012, and the Coachella Music Festival, using a visual effect called, “Pepper Ghost,” Textor effectively resurrected Tupac Shakur as an onstage performer. Pepper Ghost makes viewers believe that they are looking at a hologram image, when in fact there isn’t holographic detail involved in the technique.

John Textor took a high impact, 19th century magician’s technique and redirected it into the Pepper Ghost effect, which actually involves using glass or plastic to project an image at a 45 degree angle. The result allows the image to appear as a live projection. After successfully reproducing Shakur’s image, Textor went onto another legendary musician, the appearance of Michael Jackson as a live performer during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

John Textor’s Bay Area Studios is where the uncanny special effects production takes place. However, Pulse Evolution Corporate headquarters is located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The Pepper Ghost technique used by Pulse was born out of pure desire. Textor combines innovative computer imagery, with high-definition film footage and the Pepper Ghost technique to create digital humans.

Textor is not only well known in the industry, he is also well regarded for his special effects and digital imagery, which has appeared in a number of Hollywood Blockbuster films, these include: 2002, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the 2003 release of The Hulk, the 2005 movie, Star Wars III: Revenge Of the SITH, and May 2007, Transformers, to name a few Pulse Studio projects.

Beginning with his undergraduate education at Wesleyan University, John Textor developed an interest in film production and special effects. But he was not interested in duplicating current digital effects; he wanted to explore cutting-edge techniques and refine how holograms could be used and viewed as enhanced projection images.

In addition to Pulse, John Textor serves as the Chairman of Digital Domain Productions, the Director of Multicast Media Technologies, and maintains affiliations with BabyUniverse, Inc., his Alma Mater, Wesleyan University, and The Parent Company.

The Role of Investment Banking Systems

James Dondero is a one of the globally acclaimed investors and he has made a name in the investment banking industry. He is a co-founder and the current president of Highland Capital, a capital management company in the US. Due to his experience, James Dondero has become one of the most sought after capital management advisors on nexbank in the world today and he has built a reputation for himself over the years. His 30 years of experience in the industry has offered many individuals, business, as well as governments’ great insight on the capital markets and investments in a global scale.

Investment banking is slightly different from the normal conventional banking systems because its operations are different. One of the most notable difference between the two is the fact that the former does not accept credits while the other one does. Investment banks are generally for investment purposes and they are basically meant for reinvesting rather than keeping money in the accounts. However, the current economic and business environment shave changed all this and the two banking systems have developed therefore assuming several changes. For instance, some retail banks offer investment advisory services and investment product as well. On the other hand, some investment banks have also created departments within their operations that deal will retailing aspects of banking.

This mixture of roles has greatly changed the banking industry in both the retail and investment aspects. As a result, the investment banking industry has evolved from what it used to be like before. Nonetheless, seven amidst the unavoidable changes, the investment banking industry has maintained and preserved he original characteristic of majorly dealing with investments. The internet has also influenced the changes seen in the banking industry especially the investment banking system. One of the major driving factors is the development and the spread of e-commerce.

Electronic money transfer has affected the way investment banking systems operate and it has influenced the financial markets in a very big way. On other factor that has influenced the investment banking is the global effects of globalization. And speaking of globalization, the world has become a globalized villages bring in closer some of the services that were before out of reach due to geographical distances between countries and continents. As a result, it has become easier to invest in different regions and parts of the world regardless of the distance. As such, the investment banking industry has been fully utilized to this effect.

The investment banking system has several functions, which include advising and guiding investors on the best and most prudent investment opportunities. They actually act as an advisor or a middle man connecting investors to the best and great opportunities in the investments market. Investment banks keep tabs on the current market trends and they undertake research ti identify the viable investment opportunities which they later advise their clients on investing in. they specialize in giving their investors the relevant information on the market’s behavior and trends that can be advantageous to them in terms of investments.

Igor Cornelsen and the Losing Trade

One thing that every investor or person in the stock market has to face is that a loss is inevitable. It is only a matter of time before one makes a trade that loses money. As a matter of fact, most trades that one makes is likely to lose money depending on the market and the asset that he or she buys. The key is in knowing when to close the trade. Igor Cornelsen himself has dealt with losing trades. He has to learn when to cut the trade off. There are a few things that one must not do when a trade is losing.

Igor Cornelsen advises people to not hold on to a losing trade. There are many cases people hold on to a trade while they are losing money in the hopes that they are going to experience a turn around. Igor Cornelsen on facebook knows the horror of watching the price and hoping that it will turn around in favor of a profit while watching horror as the price keeps going in its current direction. Eventually, the investment trade is closed and the account is blown out. For many people, this is a heavy does of reality. Igor Cornelsen knows how to avoid that.

Igor Cornelsen would also advise people to hold onto a good trade. Often times, people would cut their profits and close the deal as soon as they gain a penny more than they invested. This is actually not a profitable strategy. People who use this strategy clearly do not understand trends. This is where one must learn to enter a trade he does not have to worry about the price suddenly turning against. The best way to trade is with the trend so that one could hold on to a profitable trade as it accumulates.

When it comes to trading, the skill that one needs to learn is to lose small amounts of money compared to large amounts of money that is gained. Igor Cornelsen would advise many people to practice whenever they can. Also, if they are not sure about the direction of the market and yet they are very eager to invest in it, then they should invest the smallest amount if they could afford. Igor Cornelsen would not advise making that investment without any knowledge of the company. However, for people that are very itchy about making the trade in an unknown market, then the best thing to do would be to determine the trend and make a small investment in case the trend changes.

Knowledge is very important when it comes to making an investment and buying an asset. A lot of knowledge takes time and experience to gain. As one gains experience and learns from what works and doesn’t work, he will become profitable.

Ken Griffin

Kenneth C. Griffin, born October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida, was a real go-getter early in life.

While attending Harvard University, this young man started investing during his freshman year due to the enticement of a Forbes magazine article. Before graduating from Harvard in 1989 with a degree in Economics, Ken Griffin had successfully launched two funds and was managing over $1 million. Ken’s accomplishments were produced with only a personal computer, fax machine, telephone and a satellite link to his dorm to access real-time market data, now that is determination.

Ken Griffin knew how to invest money and make great profits. After graduating from Harvard University he proved just that. Frank C. Meyer, an investor and the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC, trusted Ken with $1 million to invest. Meyers was surprised above all expectations with a 70% return on his investment.

Ken Griffin put those talents to work in 1990 by opening his own company called Citadel, a diverse financial institution. This group includes Citadel, Citadel Securities and Citadel Technologies. He had a team of 100 employees by 1998 and an investment capital of $1 billion.

Ken’s talents and hard work paid off in June of 2002, he was put on the list of the most influential people in the world of finance. Through the past 20 years Ken has appeared numerous times in the Forbes 400 as CEO of Citadel, and at the age of 34 was the youngest individual on the Forbes list that created his own success. Other appearances in the Forbes 400 were the years of 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2014. In March 2015, surveys taken by Citadel employees landed the company in the Top 10 Great Workplaces in the category of Financial Services. A reward given by the Great Places to Work Institute. Ken Griffin has established a great name for Citadel over the years.

Aside from being the CEO and Founder of Citadel, Ken Griffin takes the time and money to look after the college in which he received his education from, Harvard University. February, 2014, Ken gave $150 million to Harvard to be used for undergraduate financial aid. He has also contributed to quite a few other organizations and taken on a five-year term on the University of Chicago’s Board of Trustees. In addition, he serves on the board of trustees as a member for several art institutes including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. And to top that, he is a member of a number of organization.

Citadel has become a very prosperous and growing company with the talents of Kenneth Griffin. As of today, Citadel has a team of more than 1,250 workers worldwide. Kenneth Griffin is a very talented individual who works hard, takes care of his employees and his community.

Yeonmi Park: A Voice for the Silenced

She escaped China in the dead of night across the Gobi Desert. Her hands and feet were freezing in below 40 degree weather. Petite features, with perceiving eyes, and a quiet voice, Yeonmi Park on youtube captured millions during a BBC News Broadcast in October of last year. She has become the physical manifestation of the suffering people in North Korea. Park reflected in the interview that the horrors of China were followed by the terrors of childhood in the oppressed country of North Korea.

Park grew up under the thumb of a forcible regime where choice was stripped from her family. Over 24 million people in North Korea live in poverty. Many are captured and put into labor camps, Park’s father being one. She recalled, “I became the prisoner’s daughter, and therefore have no future.” Government brutality led her family to flee into China, where Yeonmi Park was trafficked at the age of 13, and her mother raped in front of her. Park became a mistress to a Chinese man who offered to pay for her parents in exchange. Shortly after, her father died of colon cancer and Yeonmi buried him without ceremony. She retells her story on multiple world stages such as BBC and the New York Times with quiet reverence and solid determination.

North Korean eyes are on this young University student. In a country so entirely shut off from the world, many North Koreans are receiving information that is completely contrary to Park’s character.Outside of the barred country, the world is in awe of the harrowing story that Yeonmi Park has to share. At just 21 years of age, Park has experienced horrors beyond comprehension.

Having faced impending death on several occasions, she stands as a beacon of hope to the repressed across the globe. She has been hailed for her great courage, yet she does not accept praise. She shares her story in an effort to fight against human trafficking. Her reasoning, “As a human being I think, I cannot forget them.” For someone who has seen the worst that mankind has to offer, she continually expresses the kindness and generosity of humanity.

According to online newsprint source, Fair Observer, in August of 2013 it was reported that 250,000 people were trafficked in China. The majority of cases stem from migrants which make up roughly 75% of China’s overall population. These statistics and the many stories like Park’s seem surreal. Park is working with other defectors, humanitarians, and citizens to bring awareness to the rest of the world. Human rights do not belong to countries, but to individuals. It is the individual stories that will awake the world to change. Yeonmi Park is a voice for the silenced.

Navigating Brazilian Law

The legal community in Brazil mirrors that of many other developed countries. Similar issues are at the forefront in the Brazilian communities including discrimination protection of the LGBT community, international commercial law, regulatory and constitutional law. As a member country of MERCOSUR, Brazil faces challenges that only a brilliant legal strategist can navigate.

Ricardo Tosto has made his mark in the legal community and has managed to gain national attention through his representation of individuals, non-governmental organizations, multinational groups, and politicians. As a senior partner and co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, the firm’s areas of practice includes, but are not limited to, administrative, environmental, intellectual and information technology, civil, commercial, and corporate criminal law. The firm has offices in both Brazil and Rio de Janeiro.

Tosto is the pioneer of several strategic tools used throughout the legal community in Brazil, has been a well-respected mentor to many of the firm’s partners, and continues to provide a high level of leadership among his peers. Tosto’s legal expertise has excelled through his many roles as former president of the Judicial Modernization and Judicial Reform Committees at the Brazilian Bar Association, his advisory roles in other prominent organizations, and as a respected author of well-known specialized published works. Ricardo Tosto’s expertise and that of his firm continues to be sought after as the Brazilian business community grows.

As the fabric of regulatory law changes in Brazil, the modernization of antitrust law in the country has sparked a greater need for guidance to companies to ensure compliance and avoidance of the bigger penalties for violations. Brazilian governmental authorities are steadfast in their efforts to combat corruption and the country’s new Clean Company Act has been enacted to stamp out any ploys of bid rigging and money laundering. Additionally, the changes to antitrust and policy law has implemented major adjustments to how business mergers are undertaken that now are aligned with those in mature jurisdictions.

The Brazilian economy is experiencing notable growth and is a country not untouched by the ebbs and flows of the current economic climate. The country has reformed many of its systems to support growth and sustainability of its economy and added laws that control public expenditures at the federal, state and municipal levels. Navigating the additions and changes in policy and laws can only be accomplished by relying on the diverse group of attorneys specializing in various areas of law. Brazil has that diverse community of legal experts that the political, business community and individuals trust.

Frans Schoeman: Brilliant Attorney of Environmental law

Environmental law is a category of law whose main aim is the protection of the environment. This is achieved by regulating activities that harm the environment. The activities may range from dumping of wastes, fossil fuel emissions to inappropriate use of natural resources. It does this by prohibiting environmental abuse and providing mechanisms that punish such actions through fines or otherwise. The law may vary from state to state but much of the content is drawn from international treaties and conventions.
This type of law can be subdivided into a number of regulatory subjects. There is no single agreement of what the clear subcomponents of environmental law are. However, all agree that the core purpose lies in addressing environmental pollution. There are other aspects that have come up like the management of natural resources. These include fisheries, minerals, and forests that influence environmental legal Principles.
Gradually, the field of environmental law has developed as a result of emerging awareness and concerns that are impacting on the environment across the world. This has led to the identification of key concepts as guiding principles. The principles include Sustainable development. It is defined by the UNEP as development that gratifies the needs of today without affecting the future generation’s ability to meet their needs. The other concept is Polluter Pays Principle. This stands for the idea that the principle burden should be carried by the polluter rather than the whole society. Principles such as equity, prevention, and public participation have been offering guidelines in this field in addition to precautionary principle.
The type of lawyers specialized in this category of law are called environmental lawyers. Any type of lawyer can practice in this field and others like commercial or injury law but the specialized ones are the best. Frans Schoeman on ranks high among the brilliant minds in this category of law. He is the director of Phatsima Diamond a leading law firm in South Africa with offices in Bellville. Frans Schoeman has the legal knowledge, experience and skills required in providing legal advice and solutions having been in the practice for more than 25 years. He is an expert in mining laws and management having presided over day to day running of Phatsima Diamond Corporation mining concession in Angola.
Environmental law also provides a way of doing impact assessment. This is in establishing the Consequences which can be positive or negative of any plan, or program or policy. It plays an important role in ensuring that the natural resources like water and air are of high quality. Environmental law ensures that chemicals are used safely in all human activities like in industrial applications and are disposed properly. It also offers protection to animals and plants and governs the impact humans can have in relation to activities that can destroy their habitat.

The Pulse On Pulse Evolution

Entertainment has evolved and changed with the times. Constantly changing to fit the desires of a media hungry populace companies are always keeping up with the latest technology. Businesses like Pulse Evolution work to keep current, always keeping at the forefront of media height. Keeping on the cutting edge of media and what is popular can reap the best financial rewards for businesses like Pulse Evolution.

Pulse Evolution is a recognized company that specializes in using digital holograms of musicians and performers. With augmented reality and A.I. Pulse is able to bring past performers back to life on stage. The desire to see long gone celebrities on stage again has become a hot commodity in the media world. Celebrities like Elvis Presley and Micheal Jackson come back to life on stage in front of thousands of concert viewers.

On December 31 2014, Pulse Evolution’s second fiscal quarter ended. As of the reports Pulse Evolution has intended to file an “up-listing” on the public stock exchange. Company executive, John Textor has expressed great pleasure in the company’s latest financial results. With a net loss of $0.03 to $0.05 per share the Pulse also received between 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 of in sale proceeds. Following two partnerships Pulse Evolution accrued over 5,000,000 dollars. Many of Pulse evolution’s expenses go into development of their digital assets and keeping up to date with the latest cyber and digital technology. These sales and smart expense spending is in part to the executive at the helm of Pulse Evolution, John Textor.

Keeping to a broad spectrum of projects John Textor has been part of several projects. Teaming up with veteran film makers, Textor was the executive producer of the 2013 movie, Ender’s Game. Textor is responsible for the production of near eighty films. One to keep innovating digital CGI effects John Textor strives to be at the helm of many digital based projects whether they are film or music.

People never stop the urge of wanting to experience the best in digital media. From movies and concerts, Evolution Pulse keeps up with the trends. With the successes in the company’s 2nd quarter John Textor and other executives will ensure Evolution Pulse will be around to keep up with the times.