The Rise of Compliance Officers and A Look At Helane Morrison

The job of a compliance officer has been around for a very short time and has begun to be known by many individuals. It is growing in ranks and many companies are being established to facilitate this field of work. The Chief Executive Officer of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Roy Snell said that the role of a compliance officer is to implement a compliance program that prevents, find and help deal with ethical issues and concerns.

Compliance officers use tools such as audits and risk assessments. Compliance officers ensure that problems are fixed and ensure that they do not happen again. Roy Snell in expressing his enthusiasm about the growth of compliance officers from zero to tens of thousands. The compliance officers have a lot of functions and responsibilities.

Cathy Mackenzie who is the Vice President and General Counsel for Island View Casino Resort said of her realization in a conference that a compliance officer career is a good opportunity to advance. Mackenzie currently handles property owners and the Casino’s compliance director deals with work permits and the casino’s surveillance. Roy Snell intimated the rise of graduate programs in universities that are tailored to train students on becoming compliance officers.

There has also been regulations and laws that have been adopted to guide compliance issues. The compliance officer profession has grown internationally and multinational companies are establishing compliance departments in their different offices to facilitate implementation of regulations due to cultural difference and language barriers.

Through the following link at Bloomberg one is able to get a feel of Helane Morrison career and professional life. She is one of the top compliance officers in the United States. Helane is the current Managing Director and General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She first started off as a journalist before joining the University of California, School of Law where she was the Editor-In-Chief of California Law Review. After finishing her law degree in University of California, she worked for various US Supreme Court justices. She has worked at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from the 1986 to 1996.

Helane Morrison has also worked at the SEC where she specialized in business litigation and defensing private securities. I believe that Helane Morrison is among the very best compliance officers. She demonstrated this while she was working at the Securities Exchange Commission where she was fully committed to prosecuting individuals and companies who failed to comply with financial regulations. Hall Capital Partners offers a quick guideline into the career path of Helane Morrison. I believe her career achievement ought to serve as an inspiration to other compliance officers.

Yeomi Parks Speaks Out About Past Struggles

In a recent interview conducted by ReasonTV, Yeonmi Park spoke about her journey from North Korea to South Korea and what all she and her family experienced during that time. She and her parents crossed the border of North Korea and battled endlessly from there. One of the first things that Yeomi Parks speaks about is her father’s death. Her father was diagnoised with cancer some time before their attempt to leave North Korea. He decided that he was so desparate to get he and his family out of North Korea that he would let his cancer go untreated, which ultimated killed him. As a result, this left Yeomi Parks and her mother to defend themselves on the rest of the journey. Along the way, Yeomi Parks and her mother were beaten by people in the towns that they went through. She said in the interview that they were very unfriendly and not sympathetic to their cause. In addition to being beaten, they were also raped. Yeomi Parks was only 13 years old whenever she was first raped by a man. The hard times continued for Yeomi and her mother, but it was all shortly coming to an end. Whenever they reached South Korea, they were so happy and felt blessed.

ReasonTV posted an article on (the URL will be linked below) talking about how people were trying to tear Yeomi Parks’ story to shreds and make it seem like she was making the whole thing up. Yeomi says admits that she did change a few details of the story in order to protect some of her family members that still lived in North Korea, but everything else was the absolute truth. She went on to say that it was had for her to talk about how she was being beaten and raped at such a young age. In the interview, she also said that she would never lie about such harsh and crude things, especially considering the fact that it was such a hard time for her and her mother. At the end of the updated article, there is a statement from Yeomi saying that no matter what people try to say about her and her story, she knows the truth about North Korea and about what happened to her and her mother.

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Laidlaw & Company: Creating Financial Solutions

Laidlaw & Company has many clients world wide ranging from private clients to both domestic and international companies. They provide their clients with some of the best investment banking services including wealth management. Laidlaw & Company has offices throughout the United states and Europe. All the 150 employees of Laidlaw & Company have both FINRA and FCA authorization which allows them to do business on a global scale.

Distributing financial solutions as well as gathering assets is Laidlaw & Company’s priority and focus. The team at Laidlaw & Company has a very strong work ethic and do not shy away from a challenge. The executive team is made up of Matthew Eitner who is the Chief Executive Officer, James P.Ahern the Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets and John W.Coolong the Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Matthew D.Eitner joined the Laidlaw & Company firm in the year 2010. That same year in the month of April he was named the CEO of the company. Before he started work at Laidlaw & Company he was the Managing Director at Aegis Capital Corp. Here he was managing a private client group. Matthew D.Eitner began working at Aegis Capital and was their Vice President at Casimir Capital. This was a boutique investment firm which gave him the experience he now uses to his advantage at Laidlaw & Company.

The firm is made up of a team of professionals who have been working in this industry for decades and bring their wealth of knowledge to every deal. Up and coming companies that require start up capital are hard pressed to find a better solution than Laidlaw & Company. They have a strong retail sales force which gives these emerging companies room to grow.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime on Instagram


What happens when a creatively inspired young woman decides to take the initiative and develop her own makeup line, to create a boldly colorful selection of lipsticks and eyeshadows that are long-lasting and affordable for young working women? What happens when she uses all the Internet marketing ploys available today to market her cosmetics line, to reach fans directly with her new product ideas?

What happens is what is happening with Lime Crime Cosmetics, which is the forward thinking makeup line developed by CEO Doe Deere.

Deere is a Russian emigre who grew up in New York and who loves color, fashion and yes, unicorns. The fanciful flair of unicorns is a big part of the marketing of Lime Crime, and the idea has reached a lot of fashion-wise fans, young and even not so young.

Deere developed this makeup line using experimentation in a lab and a lot of trial and error. The Velvetines lipstick line is the first ever liquid to matte lip color, and it is vegan and cruelty free. The amazing colors in this lipstick line have made it a big seller, and it is compared favorably to lipsticks from much more expensive brands.

One of the other key factors in the Lime Crime line is the way it marketed online, through sites like Instagram. Deere’s savvy use of the Internet to reach Lime Crime fans is working incredibly well, as lipstick loving fans send in their own designs for lip color and also nail art, using Lime Crime products. Yes, this is a brave new world of online advertising, but Deere is definitely using it to her advantage.

Colors and Even More Colors

The use of bold color is one of the keys to the Lime Crime image, and to its popularity. Deere isn’t afraid to experiment, and her Unicorn Lipstick line offers a gorgeous array of color choices, from shimmery pinks and reds to purple, blue, electric orange and even yellow. Somehow, they all look beautiful when worn with Lime Crime eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras. Just take a peek at some of the styles developed by fans (in photos on instagram) and you’ll see how gorgeous these colors really are.

Who says there aren’t any new ideas happening in the cosmetics world? Lime Crime is a new company that is making breakthroughs in marketing, quality and color, and it’s all because Doe Deere wanted to find a new way to create some really great new looks.

To find out more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, visit

SKOUT, a real superhero app.


The app that helps you expand your social circle in more than 180 countries, SKOUT, has helped its users feel like superheroes for a day. PR Newswire reported that on April 28th, the National Superhero Day, SKOUT announced that for every user that gives a superhero-themed virtual gift within the app, they will make a donation to Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area until the wish has been funded.

Christian Wiklund, CEO and cofounder of SKOUT, expressed his pride in the project and explains that users now have an opportunity to fund a wish for someone who needs a real life superhero and at the same time they can send virtual gifts to their close ones.
SKOUT has leveraged more than 400,000 virtual gifts designated specifically for charitable causes over the past year, the company has helped its users feel like real life superheroes by helping organizations, people and also animals. For each virtual gift, SKOUT was able to provide a financial support to several organizations like Muttville which is dedicated to adopt and provide health exams for senior dogs, helped cover the expenses for cat’s adoptions with Cat Town and has assisted with food serving to more than 30,000 people in need in the San Francisco area with the SF-Marin Food Bank. SKOUT has raised awareness in the community about important causes and how they can help.

The app prepared a survey for the National Superhero Day and showed interesting results about how Americans feel about superheroes. It demonstrated that most people think that helping others is definitely a superhero characteristic, and nearly 80% of the surveyed people said that they would want to be a superhero in real life. People think that in order to be a superhero you should be selfless, fearless, have money and access to technology. The survey also showed that America’s favorite superheroes are Batman for women and Superman for men, most of them think that Batman and Robin are the best superhero best friends and that the Batmobile is the best superhero ride. The results showed that the most wished superpower would be immortality, but people also with to have the ability to fly, to have superhuman strength and also super speed. More than half of the people surveyed said that a mask is a must-have superhero accessory, but they might also need a cape, a ring and probably a belt.

Check out Skout on LinkedIn.

Laidlaw & Company, Growing Wealth and Investment Bank Standards

If you have ever dealt with investment banks in the past before, or if you have to be familiar with them in general, then you should realize that investors seek out investment banks because of their general finance expertise. The key with any sort of financial expert is that they need to be professionals in more than one area, as the basic idea of portfolio theory and diversification tells you that you need to have as many different items on the table as possible. If one thing winds up coming crashing back down to Earth (or goes to zero in a bad economy), then you can still have a net increase as the majority of your investments stay stable or even rise up.

When you think about the investment opportunities that are currently in the world, the fact of the matter is the landscape is fairly convoluted. According to, people are afraid to invest for multiple reasons and that is all before you even consider the recession that just happened a decade ago. With this sort of volatility being a large part of the current climate, it only makes sense that individuals need to find the best financial opportunities and partnerships possible. One company that fits this exact bill is Laidlaw.

Laidlaw & Company is not just an organization that specializes in creating financial wealth, they also have made it their mission to create futures. When investors understand how powerful an investment bank can be with respect to its pull in the financial world, then they can have additional confidence and will continue to invest further as well. Laidlaw therefore not only creates wealth, but they also help investors by creating the very climate that is needed for additional investment to occur. When you consider the alternatives, it only makes sense why this Brokercheck.FINRA organization is growing so quickly.



ClassDojo: Reprogramming Schools Through Technology

In order for any startup to have viability it needs funding. That goes without saying. So when a platform reaches a milestone in investments from donors, what we’re really seeing is a boost in confidence as to the viability of the product being offered. With ClassDojo having increased its value to $21 million through investments and revenue is an indicator that this company will be with us for quite some time.

By prioritizing communication, ClassDojo has provided a communication platform that connects teachers and parents, allowing for a free flow of information as to the conduct and education of students as well as school functions that require the attention of all interested parties.

Founders Liam Don and Sam Chaundhary have been vocal in their interest in the viability of their platform, and are taking the faith of investors, in the form of funding dollars, to increase their platform in service of their customers. A main priority is ensuring constant communication throughout the school day. While parents may see it as a tool to help them keep an eye on their children while they are away for the day, it is mainly there to make sure those same parents are well informed as to the level of their child’s aptitude in their courses, making sure they have all the information necessary to support a home environment that would be conducive to their educational needs. This is also a useful tool for keeping teachers’ jobs at a low level of stress by giving them an open channel to communicate to parents about their obligations, such as important dates of school functions.

Combining tech and education is by no means new, and ClassDojo has known its fair share of competition in this market. But while most other startups spend their time supplementing existing instructional materials, there hasn’t been as strong a focus on communication. Due to the lack of service in this market, ClassDojo has been able to partner with more than 85,000 American schools, servicing mostly grade schools. What has allowed them to have such a strong foothold in the market is their emphatic commitment to maintaining the privacy of their clients, a consideration parents are sure to enjoy considering the number of children who would be implicated in the case of a data breach.

ClassDojo has been providing communication tools to schools and parents since 2011. In that time they have collected $31 million in funding that has allowed them to turn the platform into something more familiar to users, into something like a social network. The aim is to make users more accustomed to the use of the platform which could hopefully lead to the addition of monetization components that could allow the company to expand further.

The Expansion of Organo Gold

Coffee is a fast growing industry that can be accessed globally. This special product is grown on both southern and northern hemisphere and it can be traded around the world. Coffee is not only a delicious product that is cheap and easily accessible, but it is also a product that is consumed for its energizing remedy. This product can be consumed at all points in the day for an energy boost. This product can be consumed early in the morning, during those lagging afternoons, and even at night during those late work nights. With the exponential growth of coffee, more and more companies are finding ways to enter this competitive market while maximizing profits.

One company in particular that has found their niche is Organo Gold. Organo Gold was started in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is a Filipino businessman with extensive knowledge in the multilevel marketing industry. Mr Chua told his followers on Facebook, he created Organo Gold with the mission to spread the importance of healthy living all around the world. The company is even designed to allow anyone into the company regardless of work experience. Anyone who has a love for Organo Gold can enter the industry and make extra cash or can dedicate themselves to a full-time job with Organo Gold.

The secret to Organo Gold’s success is the use of a special ingredient that is known as Ganoderma. This herb has been referred to as the “king of herbs” and has been used to treat ailments in ancient China. This herb has even been scientifically proven to have multiple health benefits through the fact that it increases the oxygen levels within the body. Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to encourage weight loss, improve the sleep cycle, and even to help relax the body and the mind. Ganoderma has never before been used in mainstream, globalized products until now.

Organo Gold has been making headlines thanks to Bernardo Chua who even secured the spot as the premier sponsor for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight in 2015. Organo Gold has been expanding at an exponential rate within the last eight years and is consumed by millions around the world. In recent news, Bernardo Chua is excited to announce Organo Gold’s new branch that opened up in Turkey. This is a milestone for the company because it not only marks the company’s 39th company to be involved with, but also a now direct access to both Asia and Europe.  Follow him on Twitter @OGBernie, or get an in depth look behind the scenes of Organo Gold on GoLifePro.

A Powerful Figure in a Powerful Industry

During a time when there seems to be corruption within nearly every big business, finding someone who works hard to police and monitor those within these organizations. Fortunately, Helane Morrison is just the person to do this job and do it well.
She began her career in journalism and has taken that drive and determination with her to current work in government service. Her main goal is to prevent corruption while also helping to protect those who are considered vulnerable from being taken advantage of. Her work in policing the financial world takes several shapes. She has dealt with working to expose corrupt brokers and has even tried to revolutionize the financial work place.
Since there has been so many issues with the financial industry over the last decade, the work that Helane Morrison is doing has become much more important. Her climb through several positions has been marked by her steadily going after corruption and protecting those who depend on her skills to protect them.
Her current position on the board of the hedge fund subcommittee at the American Bar Association where she currently volunteers much of her time. Her concern while on this subcommittee is ensuring that there is a transparency for hedge fund managers that is essential when it comes to protecting those that the hedge fund managers are meant to protect.
Beyond her financial work, Helane Morrison also spends some of her time on the board of the Regional Parks Foundation. The goal of this board is to protect the land within a certain area of California and keep it open to the public.
Whether she is working within the financial industry or she is donating her time to help with conservation, Helane Morrison is an amazing woman who is determined to make a positive impact on the world. The work that she still has to offer is sure to be beneficial to many different individuals both in and out of the financial industry.

Charles Koch Support For A Clinton Presidency Over Republican Candidates

In an interview aired recently, Charles Koch, a conservative billionaire said that it is possible that Hillary Clinton could make a good president than a republican candidate. When he was asked whether Bill Clinton was a superior president compared to George Bush, Koch answered by noting that he preferred Bill Clinton in a number of aspects and in some ways.
According to Koch, Bill was not exemplary in other ways. Additionally, Koch assets that under Bush’s tenure, growth in government and increased spending was two and half times more as compared to Clinton’s presidency. Subsequently, he was asked about the likeliness of another Clinton being preferable to another republican. Koch answered that it is possible, an answer that may surprise many.

However, when asked if he could finally end up supporting Hillary Clinton, Koch noted that the policies she executed would have to be different from the policies she has expressed. Simply put, Koch noted that they would have to believe that Clinton’s actions would be different from her language. On Sunday afternoon, Clinton’s campaign responded via a sharp tweet pointing out that they are not interested in an endorsement from him.

The left has often criticized Charles Koch together with his young brother, David for making big contributions towards conservative political campaigns. In the previous presidential election, the Koch network is estimated to have spent close to $400 million. Thus far, the network has shunned the presidential primary politics. As of present, the Koch network has only been involved in particular Senate races to counter Democratic Candidates.

In the ABC interview that was aired on Sunday, Koch said that he would not put his money in a move to try to stop Trump. However, he together with his network may stay out of the 2016 presidential race because of the unavailability of good role models. Koch noted that the personal attacks and pitting of persons against each other was the message that was being sent to the country. He also added that he could not figure out how they can support such people.
About Charles Koch

The influential billionaire is the co-owner, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of Koch industries. He and his brother David inherited and expanded the business established by their father, Fred C. Koch. Currently, Koch Industries ranks as the second biggest privately held firm in the United States in terms of revenue. Charles Koch is also a philanthropist and political donor. He was born in Wichita, Kansas. Charles Koch holds a bachelor of science in general engineering and two Master of Science degrees in mechanical engineering and chemical engineering respectively. He is a graduate of the popular Massachusetts Institute of Technology.