Lakes Overwhelmed by Jelly-Coated Plankton

Canada has long been proud of its beautiful lakes with clear water, but a plankton invasion is now destroying the ecosystem in these lakes.

The process has already acquired the unofficial name of ‘jellification’.

The ecologist John P. Smol has studied the phenomenon and can easily explain what led to this sudden change. For thousands of years, the calcium balance has been maintained in the water. Acid rain and deforestation have changed the chemical composition in time.

There is now less calcium than it is needed for the normal functioning of the ecosystem, so the plankton is conducting ‘a war’ for survival. The water flea species Daphnia, and the jelly-coated Holopendium, are put in different conditions now, since the latter adapted easier to the lack of calcium and is becoming more abundant.

This goes against the laws of the nature that have been working for so many years, and the lakes look like they are in a process of ‘jellification’.

It is not only the aspect of the water that is changing, it is the life of other organisms there that is now in danger. The Daphnia they used to eat is dying out, and the Holopendium that is so abundant is not even edible, a point that Susan McGalla had made.

The same process is observed in England and the Scandinavian countries. The PH of the water needs to be reestablished in order to bring back the normal ecological state.

Nano-particles Stimulate Stem Cells And Facilitate Bone Growth

Our bones are classified as living tissue that is constantly being absorbed and replaced, similarly to how our cells die and eventually get replaced. But whenever there is an unbalance with the growth of our bones, meaning, whenever the creation of new bone cannot keep up with the pace of the removal of old bone, this leads to Osteoporosis. The medical community recently announced that it made a breakthrough that can significantly change the lives of people with bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

A team of researchers from Nottingham University and Keele University, made an astonishing and possibly life changing discovery when they found that, nano-particles that were coated with targeted proteins, stimulate stem cells that can help to regenerate bone. The researchers were able to deliver the nano-particles to the affected area, remotely and was able to maintain the bone regeneration process by periodically releasing the protein growth stimulant through different stages.

Essentially, the nano-particles that are coated with the protein growth stimulants, gets directed to the injured site via remote, and periodically releases this growth protein as the injured bone site, uses it to regenerate new bone.

Specialists Dave and Brit Morin say that this marks a big step towards treating people who have bone’s that are incapable of repairing itself. Currently, the only method that we have for repairing bones, consist of grafting bone tissue from other areas of the skeleton that aren’t injured and placing it at the injured site. But this has proven to be extremely painful and relatively ineffective for people who have unhealthy bones or skeletal disorders.

The researchers proclaimed that not only can this help to stimulate bone growth, it could potentially be used to improve tissue engineering throughout the whole body such as the muscles.

Sony Has Been Shut down by Hackers Issuing Demands

Sony Pictures has been hacked by a group calling themselves #GOP, which allegedly stands for “Guardians of Peace”. Every computer at Sony is stuck on an image of a skeleton rising from a grave along with text that issues a series of demands.

From what is understood, these hackers are demanding money from Sony. If they don’t get it, #GOP says they will reveal the company’s secrets to the public. Employees of Sony were told to go home.

The computer department is said to be working on fixing their system, and that it might take up to 3 weeks to get everything up and running.

Details of this hack are filtering out, as many such as Flavio Maluf are wondering what kind of details would actually be worth paying for. Immediate speculation points to a possible deal where Sony is trying to sell their rights to “Spider-Man” back to Marvel. Sony hasn’t fared too well with Spidey, and may look to cut their losses.

#GOP has released some details of what they have. They have copies of IDs and passports of celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz. They revealed that Sony foolishly kept easy-to-steal spreadsheets of their computer passwords, allowing almost anyone to post as Sony on sites such as twitter.

Other data stolen includes TV pitches for shows as well as vital computer files which could compromise Sony’s entire network.

It is fascinating to see a world leader in technology taken down by a handful of hackers who seem to be somewhat disorganized. #GOP sent Sony a series of links to sites, but many of the links are broken. They are also using poor grammar, which could indicate that the hackers are not native English speakers.

Charge Your Phone In 30 Seconds ?

We’ve all been in a situation whereby our phones were on the verge of shutting down, right when we were in the middle of a conversation, far away from any power sources. And even though their may have been an outlet at the mall, on the train, in a restaurant, the fact that it takes hours to fully charge, just made us succumbed to the inevitable. But by 2016, this may be a thing of the past, because a new technology is being developed that will allow you to charge your phone in 30 seconds.

On November 24th, 2014, an Israeli company made an announcement that it has developed new battery technology that allows it to charge a phone in less than 1 minute. What’s even more tantalizing about this technology is that they said it can be applied to electric cars as well, to which they said it could fully charge in a few minutes, something that currently takes 8-16 hrs.

They proclaimed that the battery consists of nano-technology than synthesizes artificial molecules which essentially allows it to consume and store more electricity in a fraction of the time that current batteries are capable of doing.

Unfortunately, the prototype that they built is too big for a smartphone, but the company said that they firmly believe that this will change by 2016. Sam Tabar is hoping that will be the case. The founder and chief executive of the company, Doron Myersdorf, proclaimed that “These are new materials, they have never been developed before.”

Based on the fact that the android user base is expected to hit 1.75 billion users by the end of the year, this can prove to be a very lucrative market that the company will undoubtedly dominate, unless current battery manufacturers come up with a similar technology of their own.

An Alarming Comeback Of Measles Is Spreading Across The Country

An entirely preventable disease is making a comeback. While the country is focusing on diseases like Ebola, or worrying about health concerns like diets to prevent illnesses, measles has begun to spread across the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention documented 603 cases of measles in 2014. This is the highest number of cases we have seen since 1994. How can something so preventable be attacking our young children?

Two reasons have been given credit for this outbreak. One is the fact that measles is still very present in other countries. With international travel, Americans can not completely avoid coming into contact with measles. If vaccinated; however they can keep the disease from affecting them Christian Broda has been saying.

The second reason for the comeback is the lack of vaccinations being given. Parents have become concerned about the vaccinations they give their children, and stopped having many administered. The number of unvaccinated is beginning to rise in the country, giving the disease a larger area to grow in. The less vaccinated, the more it can spread.

In 2004, scientists from the CDC had declared that measles was no longer endemic in the United States. But here we are, merely ten years later, and it is back- and growing.

Parents who have begun to refuse the vaccination for their child have made them vulnerable. Measles is one of the most contagious diseases as just one case can cause up to 18 more infections. The CDC is now warning, those not vaccinated, will now get the disease when exposed.

Hobbit 3 and Star War 7 Slated for December

Star Wars fans might want to start paying attention to the box office, as things are going to be rather exciting very soon. As the release of now Disney’s “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens” trailer has already been broadcasted to the whole “universe”, fans will also be thrilled to discover just where this trailer will be aired.

“Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens” trailer will have its debut this December, and it will be featured at the same time as the likewise much anticipated movie “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies”.

“The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies” is actually the biggest, adventure/ family-oriented movie this year and it is not actually so surprising if Disney’s Star Wars decided to be just that.

To a point these two films: Star Wars and The Hobbit fascinates the same audience; and collaborating with each other will definitely give both movies plus points. Fantasy nerds like Sultan Alhokair are stoked about the double release. Since the making of the Episode VII, there were still no official trailer released form the film so that people may actually believe that something very awesome is really happening.

Although this tactic will strategically affect moviegoers’s desire to see more musical film, another being Disney’s “Into the Woods”. This idea has already been debated and weighed upon. But joining together Star Wars 7 and The Hobbit 3 is still most anticipated by fans and a great move nonetheless.

Free Mobile and Wireless Internet Service Does Exist

If you’re like the millions of American families you’re a part of the technology world. Smart phones, wireless devices, Wi-Fi and mobile hotspots are things that are as important to you as your morning coffee. And if you’re like me you have kids and you cringed when the cell phone bill comes. With a daughter constantly talking to her friends or texting, a son who likes to surf the web 24/7 believe me it adds up quickly.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have internet and cell access for free? Well now there is a way to do just that. Introducing, FreedomPop a new kind of internet and cell phone service provider. FreedomPop offers 100% free mobile phone (international too) and high speed internet service. They offer service and access without the gimmicks, hassles and contracts of most major providers.

So I was curious and wanted to learn a little about FreedomPop, so I read up a bit on TechCrunch and checked out their Twitter page. FreedomPop is the country’s first wireless internet provider who has made a commitment to 100% free 4G mobile service according to their website ( In looking at their website I must say I was impressed with not only how easy it is to navigate but how much I am going to save on my monthly cell phone bill by switching to Freedompop.

The company has the backing and support of the same folks who brought us SKYPE. They offer a variety of plans starting at FREE, yes, FREE to moderately priced plans for faster connection speeds. As they expand their network 4G will become commonplace. Presently they offer nationwide phone service in 3G. 4G and 4G LTE service areas are growing in their ever increasing service area.

I must say that the technology they offer in not only phones but Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot devices is very impressive. They offer an Unlimited Everything which includes Talk, Text and Data for a whopping $19.99 per month which I don’t have to tell you is substantially cheaper than any of the other carriers.

Their total package comes with visual voicemail, data rollover, data usage alerts for those who have limited data accounts and also tethering which allows up to 8 devices access to the world wide web anywhere you are. They also allow you to bring your own device to them which save you the cost of purchasing a phone especially if you like your current phone.

So as I began researching a bit further and did some calculations with my current provider having 3 phones with unlimited talk, text and limited data per phone my bill presently is well more than I think it should be. So in comparing my service now to what I will have when I switch to FreedomPop my savings monthly will be about one hundred dollars.

This means I will save a whopping one thousand two hundred dollars a year over my current carrier. I also like the fact they don’t require a contract which means if I don’t like my service with FreedomPop, their Facebook page clearly states that I can change it without being hit with an early termination fee. For me this is a no brainer, and yes I switched to FreedomPop. I’m looking forward to the savings and the great service they offer. 

So if you’re like me then give them a look and see just how much FreedomPop can save you. I’m sure the savings will be substantial. FreedomPop, phone and Internet the way it should be, Free.

Couple Fined By Hotel For Bad Review

A bad stay at a hotel resulted in fees being charged to Tony and Jan Jenkinson for leaving an unfavorable review. This surprised the couple since they paid £36 pounds for the night, only to realize they had been charged another £100 in the days following. Upon further investigation, they found out it was a “fine” from the hotel due to the bad review they left on Trip Advisor.

The hotel may have breached unfair trading regulations, but investigations are still being conducted, according to Igor Cornelsen. When contacted for a statement, the manager was unavailable.

Will this discourage others from leaving bad reviews? Most like not, since their actions have now led to national attention. The review that cost 100 pounds described the hotel as a “rotten stinking hovel (shack)”.

Upon further investigation, consequences for bad reviews were found to be outlined on the hotel policy. The booking document reads: “Despite the fact that repeat customers and couples love our hotel, your friends and family may not. For every bad review left on any website, the group organizer will be charged a maximum £100 per review.”

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkinson plan on fighting the charges, although investigations are still being conducted. They are more than annoyed at what happened, questioning “what happened to freedom of speech?” They have already requested a refund from their credit card company.

Regulators and Internet Service Providers Too Close For Net Neutrality

Net neutrality has taken over the headlines recently. As discussions take place between the FCC and Internet Service Providers such as Comcast, Verizon and At&t, the debate rages through the media as well. For many years analysts have criticized the FCC for being too close to the companies that it is tasked with regulating. The discussions with internet providers revolve around the legality of them providing an internet fast lane for websites willing to pay an extra fee. The expectation would be that only larger corporations would be able to afford the preferential treatment, leaving small businesses and less wealthy websites would be stuck in the slow lane. This is not something Sultan Alhokair is especially crazy about at this time.
Recently, the buddy-buddy relationship that FCC officials maintain with lobbyists for telecom companies has been reported through a series of documents. The correspondences between FCC and telecom lobbyists pertain directly to the meetings being held for the current net neutrality debate. The full decision making process was withheld on grounds of trade secrets being protected, but the documents that came to light show an unfairly close relationship, which suggests the FCC may not only have the American citizens’ best interests in mind.
During an open comment period that the FCC held to hear from American citizens interested in the matter, they received over 4 million emails. Additionally, last week President Barack Obama made an announcement with his opinion on the matter, even though he has no direct control over the FCC in particular.

GPS May Be Used To Detect Time Glitches

Since its inception, dark matter has remained elusive for scientists to study or even reveal. Even the name, dark matter, refers to the fact that scientists cannot see it and yet they know it must exist. It is estimated to make up about 80% of the universe, and still very little is understood around dark matter. However researchers are always looking for new ways to study the mysterious substance, and now they may have found a novel method.
GPS must have extremely accurate clocks in order to coordinate times between satellites. This allows them to test the difference in distance at very small gaps in time, which provides the data to position any person on the planet to within a few feet. Those same instruments may now be utilized to test some of the properties of dark matter, and our universe at large. Two researchers have proposed that there is a rift through the universe that creates novel particles. Along this rift the fundamental properties of the universe such as the mass of an electron will be different in order to create these new particles.
The GPS system, which spans 50,000 kilometers in space may be used to detect and study this kink and the dark matter which may be emitted through it. The GPS may just be able to notice time difference as the universe is slightly warped around the rift in the universe. Thanks to friend Andrew Heiberger for passing on this story.