One Important Aspect Of White Shark Media’s Business

These days, talent is a lot. However, among the other aspects that people are assessing a business by is the interaction with the business. While people can be talented and good at what they do, they could still lose a lot of business if they are rude to their clients. For one thing, clients do not like being made to feel dumb and unwanted. Therefore, they may take their business elsewhere is they feel that they are being treated with a lot of disrespect. These days, it does not matter as much how well a person does his job. If he is treated with contempt, he is going to run away from the business and never come back.


Fortunately, the professionals at White Shark Media are very courteous as well as talented in what they do. Therefore, clients are not only happy with the results of the work that they put in, but they are also happy with how they are treated. The experts at White Shark Media make sure that they communicate with the client in a friendly manner so that they client will feel comfortable with the professional. They also ask the client for input on the campaigns that they have proposed so that they can make sure that they have something that is optimized for the specific business of the client.


According to, the clients are also given a lot of information on the many different aspects of the marketing campaign. Therefore, the clients know where their business is strong and where they could use some extra help. Also, clients do not have to be novice to marketing in order to gain help from White Shark Media. There are other clients that have run successful marketing campaigns that also consult White Shark Media for different reasons. As a result, both the client and the marketing professionals grow.

Inquiring Minds Wish to Know: What is it Like to Become a Magnises Card Holder?

Persons, everywhere, are interested and curious what it is like to become a Magnises’ Cardholder. It does not matter the social circle, either. The next article focuses on Billy McFarland’s creation Magnises:

A question arises in the upper-realm social circles: Is it not practical to incorporate a Very Important Person social life with that of spending that matches the VIP lifestyle? Well, in answer to the inquiry, there is a credit card, specifically, for the person, with a VIP social lifestyle.

Many individuals are doing tail-spins over Magnises. It is a black card and created by the technical wonder-genius, Billy McFarland. The card, is well-positioned, to change how the consumer reviews rewards with regard to credit cards.

So is the rival American Express?

Many persons, when engaged in social conversation, mention American Express. A good deal of the general public, truly believe, that American Express has performed well, as to its ability to market credit cards, which are considered upper-echelon credit cards. However, when it comes to rewards and perks, there is not much to say, as far as most persons are aware, in the way of social rewards, as to card use.

This is especially true for persons that are younger—in the range of twenty-two years of age to thirty five years of age. According to The Guardian, the preceding statement, although, not specifically verbatim, was conveyed by Billy McFarland. Mr. McFarland, added, that the American Express card, really does not have a communal element. However with his credit card product, Mr. McFarland has corrected the preceding issue.

The Magnises Card is more about a network of younger community members, than it is about the card—per se. The card is a derivative of the New York marketplace. The card has found its way into the hands of young investment bankers, fashion-designers, on their way up the “fashion-industry” ladder; well-known young persons, that inhabit the media industry, as well as technical literate professionals.

The Magnises Card is, fundamentally, important to this diverse, young group, due to the fact it connects each of them, by way of their daily living and ancillary, personal lifestyles.

Persons wonder: How did the name Magnises come about? The name Magnises is a made-up name; and naturally, was previously launched to a very receptive crowd. However, that said, the next inquiry that comes to mind is: Is it the right Card for me? The following details, provide insights about the card, in determining, whether or not, it is the best card for the individual reading this post:

1— Magnises is not truly a traditional credit card. It functions, though, by using the preferred debit or credit card of the user. The activation of the Magnises card occurs, by way of providing activation of the user’s preferred credit or debit card to that of the heavier weight Magnises card. The Magnises card, once it is activated, is used as a payment tool by the client.

2—The Magnises card is for New Yorkers—specifically. Magnises is focusing on the New York marketplace. Persons, who enjoy the use of the Magnises payment tool, are each enjoying their respective lifestyles in the New York area. The preceding information (not verbatim) was shared with the general media by Billy McFarland. The card, then, conclusively, is a very niche payment tool.

3–The profile of the Magnises cardholder, ranges between the years of twenty-one years of age, and twenty-nine years of age, which is a unique, niche group. The age group,–Yes, is noticeable, since the age range of Magnises, mentioned, is around 85% of the total populace; for the area. However, outside the age range, mentioned, there is truly no other type of member characteristic.

Additionally, there is not a focus as to the member’s income or his or her employment position. (Again, the information was offered by McFarland—and, is not, precisely, verbatim.) The card, as stated from the beginning, of the post, is relative to how each respective member is going to take advantage of the card’s social perks.

4–The annual fee of the Magnises card is $250. The process of becoming a member, involves the filling out of a virtual application, located on the Magnises’ site, and then there is a phone interview.

5–The perks of the Magnises card evolves around the social lifestyle of the cardholder. The Magnises card, comes complete, with that of fifty partnerships. The partners perform duties for the Magnises car holder, such as personalized tasks, in the way of a personal driver—who is familiar where the card member lives and is employed, to that of private physical fitness trainer, located at larger athletic establishments. The Magnises card membership, too, includes a positive future of hosting member-only engagements, such as dinners, prepared by well-known culinary specialists; terrific, easy-going Happy Hours, and seminars, and discussions of an educational nature.

6—The Magnises’ establishment has a townhouse available to its members and is located on Greenwich Avenue. The space is well-appointed with furnishings that prove highly contemporary. There are leather couches, within the West Village space, and very modern works of art.

The Greenwich Avenue location, is open daily, to cardholders. The cardholder is welcome to bring his or her client, to the space, share information about what is trending; talk about business, or whatever comes to mind, with that of other Magnises’ members; engage in discussions and a libation or watch sporting events on television. The townhouse, in the West Village, then, is a clubhouse for members of the Magnises card.

7—Billy McFarland is the individual, who established the Magnises card and concept. Billy McFarland, prior to his establishment of Magnises, was establishing technical companies—that is, prior to his studies associated with computer engineering. He studied computer engineering at Bucknell University. Billy McFarland, is one of the youngest persons, on record, to successfully raise venture capital. Billy, left his school schedule, next, in order to begin a content engagement consulting organization—known as Spling. The client list of Spling is an impressive one and is inclusive of Discovery and Universal, among other well-recognized corporations. After his start-up of Spling, the beginning of Magnises occurred—a short time, thereafter.

8—The Magnises’ investors and advisers are clever individuals. In example, one wise, savvy investor is Lance Weaver, who is the Ex-Chairman of MasterCard. Additionally, the former CEO and President, Bill Gray of Oglivy & Mather is another investor. Other investors, on Magnises’ list are just as impressive as Weaver and Gray.

9—Magnises is not trying to become another American Express, according to McFarland.

In effect, the opposite is true: Magnises is merely trying to work alongside of companies, such as American Express. Magnisies is about community. And, in fairness, hotel perks and usefulness, with regard to flight travel, by making use of an American Express card, is a given. However, the preceding is not what the Magnises payment tool is about: It is more about attempting to engage the community in a socially, healthy way, within the city-scape wherein the Magnises’ member resides, as is evidenced, within the content above.

Eric Pulier: An American Unsung Hero

When you think of some of the most popular people in the country or world, people such as professional ball players, singers, or actors usually comes to mind. Unfortunately the individuals that should be receiving the attention are usually left without getting any credit. This is one o society’s greatest mysteries and one of the persons who deserve much more credit is Eric Pulier. This guy is the atery definition of what an unsung hero is. Though he doesn’t prefer the attention, Pulier has done more for American society than any famous Hollywood celebrity in recent times.

Eric Pulier has his hand in technology, government, philanthropy, and science. This 1988 Harvard Graduate is a very successful businessman and has founded/cofounded over 15 businesses. It’s takes a high amount of intellect to do what he does, but he’s one of the most humble guy’s a person will ever meet. There is no comparison in present time and if someone meets him, they might not know that they’re in the presence of greatness. Early on, Mr. Pulier was a 1984 Graduate of Teaneck High School in New Jersey and while he was in the fourth grade, Pulier was already programming computers. Talk about intellect. By high school, Pulier started a database computer company. From an early age he just had that “it” factor. After he graduated from (Magna Cum Laude) of Harvard University in 1988, he was destined for greatness and moved across the country to Los Angeles, CA. By 1991 Eric Pulier founded (PDT)People Doing Things. His advanced technology for that time was a big help for education and healthcare. He was just getting his feet wet and as everyone all knows, the sky was the limit. Some of his biggest success included:

  • Builder of Starbright World for Chronically Ill Children
  • ServiceMesh, Inc Co-Founder
  • Executive Director/Founder of Enterprise Leadership Council
  • Board Member of XPRIZE
  • FLF, Founder/Managing Partner
  • Founder of Digital Evolution

What can anyone say? Eric Pulier has done it all and then some. He’s truly effected the lives of many people in this world and even if he doesn’t receive his due, Eric Pulier is a true American Hero.

Eric Pulier in Linkedin

Securus Technologies Employees Earn Special Certification

Securus Technologies announced that some of its field specialists have received certification. The certification is from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). This organization’s primary purpose is to assist the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. 11 field specialists from Securus Technologies received the certification from BICSI.

Securus Technologies is a technology focused company. The company offers products and services to various industries that includes corrections agencies, public safety, law enforcement, and currently in excess of 1 million inmates located in North America. The type of services and products that Securus Technologies provides to its clients include biometric analysis, emergency response, information management, public information, incident management, investigation, communication, inmate self-service, and monitoring products.

I believe that certifications have become an important aspect concerning technology companies. The certifications show that the companies’ employees have the training and experience needed to complete certain tasks. Just as important as the certification is the supplier of the certification.

Regarding the 11 field specialists from Securus Technologies, receiving certification from a highly respected organization such as Building Industry Consulting Service International brings a high level of respect to the field specialists who received the certification.

Additionally I noticed that companies that have certification through Building Industry Consulting Service International are allowed to work on ICT projects. This is important because ICT has a lot of projects. The projects involve electronic safety & security, project management, voice, data, and audio & video technologies.

Current members of BICSI and current certification holders have the opportunity to design, install, manage and maintain ICT projects. The ICT projects include tasks regarding optical fiber- and copper-based distribution systems, pathways, spaces, and wireless-based systems and infrastructure.

Securus Technologies is to be commended for allowing its field specialists to take the time to earn the certification from BICSI. The certification earned by the 11 field specialists will help them professionally and will also help Securus Technologies.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners Are Designed To Provide Affordable Results

There are tons of women who are on the constant lookout for a hair care product that actually works and does not break the bank. Emily McClure, a blogger for Bustle Magazine, is one such women who is always trying out new products with the hope of managing her very fine hair. With so many good things being said about Wen Hair cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean, she decided to try them out. She ordered the product and decided she would try it out for a week to see if it would give her any results, and then she’d post her review to her readers.

It didn’t even take her a full week to start seeing the positive results from WEN’s conditioner. Within a few days she was already noticing that her hair was looking shinier and it felt thicker to run her hands through. She even noticed less hair fall in the bathroom. That, coupled with the many compliments she received, made her decide to keep using the product in the future. Available exclusively on eBay, Amazon, Guthy-Renker and Sephora, WEN cleansing conditioners come at an affordable price for most, coming in at $40 dollars or less per bottle, as opposed to double or triple that price from good salons. Emily posted up her review on Bustle, along with many pictures showing of her new hair.

WEN cleansing conditioners can be helpful to anyone’s hair, and anyone can easily use the product as it comes with a dosage guide and is applied just like any normal conditioner or shampoo. Chaz Dean’s WEN hair care line promises to nourish the hair to make it healthy and look like its full of life, without any unnatural chemical or stripping the scalp of its moisture. Because WEN is so gentle, it can be used every day to maintain beautiful hair on a regular basis.

Facebook page:

All You Need To Know About Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a successful businessman who has founded several startups such as Intelligent Beauty and all its subsidiaries. After his first startup, known as FitnessHeaven.Com, and Intermix Media acquired it in the year 2001. After the sale of the company, Don Ressler partnered with the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, who was just nineteen years old to form Alena Media.

Alena Media is an e-commerce and performance advertising company, and it became very successful, generating hundreds of millions in a short duration on Forbes. The institution became the only profit center at Intermix. Intermix was, however, purchased by News Corp, a media conglomerate. The two businessmen watched as the new owners ignored their productive and profitable business. They became frustrated and decided to venture into new markets.

Don Ressler and his partner had the perfect skills to succeed in the competitive and growing online field, especially in advertising. The two decided to start a new enterprise and execute it autonomously. They gathered several members of the Alena team and started the startup at one of their living rooms. This led to the launch of Brand Ideas, a company that grew and later became Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty was direct to consumer brand, and it created DERMSTORE, a very popular online cosmetic, and skin care marketplace. The brand also created a weight loss program known as SENSA. The businessmen introduced an experienced doctor, Alan Hirsch to help in the product development on LinkedIn. Intelligent Beauty, however, has never released its financial reports since it was started. Its products, DERMSTORE and SENSA, have proved to be very profitable. The company is believed to have received forty-three million dollars in funding from a company known as Technology Crossover Ventures.

Intelligent Beauty decided to introduce a third company known as JustFab in 2010. The fashion subscription retailer managed to get over thirty million dollars in funding. The president of the company is Kimore Lee Simmons, and he has helped the institution get members from all over the country. In two years, JustFab was very successful, having crossed the six million members mark. Don Ressler and his partner decided to raise another round of funding, getting over seventy-five million dollars from the Rho Ventures.

JustFab has remained very successful, and it is now looking for opportunities to expand its markets. The company decided to purchase a subscription service for children’s fashion known as FabKids in 2013 and later on the fashion e-commerce site popularly known as The Fab Shoes.

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White Shark Media® Encourages White Hat Strategy

When people use a search engine, they expect a list of directly related links to the subject matter they entered in the text box. For delivery of the best results, search engines cracked down on how they rank information. In a recent article by Israel Medina on White Shark Media, he reminds us that Black Hat Marketing continues as a taboo tactic and presents lists of White Hat Strategy efforts that produce excellent SERPs.

Mr. Medina explained caution in not going overboard with the use of keywords, but rather to search for the correct keywords and use them in the appropriate places. Synonyms and related variants work wonders when added to longtail phrases and making a list of them that assures they have proper categorization.

Always use keywords in titles and headlines as they set the reader up for the content in the upcoming paragraphs and help focus them on the closing statement. When using images, include keywords in image descriptions and meta tags, so they directly relate to the subject of the article.

The article continues with information that active entrepreneurs and authors often overlook and suggest making a list of all keywords, then ascertain there is a category named for each of them. By creating a circular motion of the main topic of content, it provides a path for search engine spiders to follow.

Mr. Medina concludes with a summary of advances in search engine algorithms and the ‘smart’ tactics they learn from trillions of daily searches by consumers. After so much time, the SEs learn to connect related words, phrases and other data and match it with the established intent of the article. Instead of attempting to trick the SEs, it is time to study every facet and put that knowledge to work ranking higher in the SERPs.

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media® began its quest to assist online entrepreneurs from around the world in mastering search engine savvy. It was soon apparent that their clients needed SEO services and promotion. In 2012, Google invited them to Google HQ in Mountain View California where they received a surprise that the most famous search engine in the world decided to create a designated support team just for White Shark Media® and in July 2014, this collaboration resulted in them receiving the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership.

White Shark Media® has every reason to boast as some of their client testimonials include entrepreneurs from all across the world. With the addition the Bing/Yahoo certification and their Bing™ Ads Authorized Reseller badge displayed on their site, maybe it is time to contact them about your PPC campaigns, today.

What Makes Makari Products the Best in the Beauty Industry

Makari de Suisse is a line of beauty and makeup products which is located in Switzerland. The line is reputed because of some of the range of products which they have on the counters. The country is known for the quality range of beauty products which they manufacture. In fact, for some of the best skin whitening products choose those which comes from Switzerland.

Why Makari de Suisse Products?

The Makari line of skin whitening products is used by both men and women for darker complexions. The aim, when using their skin whitening products, is to come up with skin that is flawless and which does not have dark spots or scars. The products are also made of ingredients which promote the anti-aging of the skin while getting rid of wrinkles.

The beauty of Makari de Suisse products is that they are genuine. They do not contain any harmful chemicals which you may find in other skin care products intended for bleaching. When you use their range of products, you do not put your risk at the risk of catching infections or getting exposed to harmful rays of the sun which may cause cancer. Instead, you offer your skin a protective layer which helps protect it and retain its moisture.

Types of Products on the Line

The Makari line of products has various types of products which can help you achieve the look you want in just a few applications. One of them is the day cream which must be applied in the day. The other one is the evening cream which is to be applied in the evening. All you have to do is clean your face and apply the product as per the instructions given.

The other product on the Makari line is the pimple drying cream. This one is useful for getting rid of acne and spots. It dries out the pimples on your face giving you a clear complexion. It works so well with the clarifying scrub. The scrub is important since it helps you get rid of old and aging skin and welcome in new and youthful skin.

Go to Makari’s website to learn more about skin whitening:

Not Your Mother’s Lip Balm

But now it is.
I was out with my daughter on a particularly sunny, fall day and my lips were feeling dry. She must have had the same thought I did, because as I uncapped my Chapstick, she broke out the oddest shaped lip balm I ever saw.

Everything about it, from its fashionable, eye-appealing design, to its tasty flavors was appealing, but what I realized later was what changed my lip balm buying activities forever. I did not think about reapplying it. I knew the most important feature was how good it is for my lips. Evolution of Smooth packs their lip balm with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. My lips felt nourished and soft for hours.

When I went to the Ulta online store to purchase my own, I realized how comparable it was in price to the other brands. The added bonus is that Evolution of Smooth lip balm is a good-for-you conversation starter. The unique design is acknowledged almost every time I take it out of my purse. Now that I’m hooked, I learned that the active protection spheres are great for a day at the beach or protecting your lips during a good work out. The shimmer smooth spheres are great for a night out (especially if you’re looking for kissable lips.)

If I’ve peaked your curiosity, which I hope I did, and you’re not in the market for a sphere shaped lip balm, you can also purchase traditional organic sticks. Take a look at the website or Linked In page for the products offered, but Evolution of Smooth can be easily found in your local drug store.


Homeowners Should Take Expert Richard Blair’s Insurance Advice

Through AirBnb, American homeowners are capable of renting out their homes in whole or in part to different clients, which will allow them to produce an income. Homeowners can choose to rent their home to guests over a short period of time in many different configurations, such as a basement or single room. However, there are some things that would be highly beneficial for homeowners to know before they started renting out in the hopes of making quick cash.

When it comes to renting out homes, whether in part or whole, it comes down to wealth management. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions suggest his clients get a strong sense of wealth management. This is why he sole owner and manager for Wealth Solutions, working with a number of clients that want to make extra money from even simple rentals. Homeowners who have garage apartments or even basement apartments are capable of renting it out as often as they like.

There is some risk management involved in preparing a rental on the behalf of the client. Wealth Solutions makes sure their clients go through their coverage on insurance and are capable of providing a total existence that is separate from the rest of the home.

Some owners want to rent out their home like a typical bed and breakfast style, but this is usually not the case. A separate and private entrance for guests is usually preferred, and the insurance company must know there will be guests coming and going from the house.

Richard Blair has much advice to give on investments ideas for the earnings made through renting. Typical renting falls as a form of cash flow that can help homeowners pay for things like their mortgages, while allowing for the client to build money in their accounts.

This is why Richard Blair regularly encourages his clients to rent out one room at the least in their homes, as long as it is done in a smart way. Richard Blair is ready and available to help prospective clients with free consults and will continue to work on teaching people the right methods in the future.