States Toughen Vaccination Laws Due to Measles Outbreak

Most states have taken a step back in years past and allowed parents to make the decision regarding whether or not to immunize their child. State law allows parent to claim exemption for a variety of reasons, like health, personal belief or religion, but in the wake of the recent measles outbreak, those state laws will be changing.

14 states have introduced bills that will make it more difficult for parents to claim any type of exemption that will prevent them from having their child vaccinated.

Minnesota has a bill in the works that would require parents who refuse immunizations for their children to obtain a signature from a health care provider stating that they understand the risks involved not only to their child, but to the community. The exemption would also have to renewed when the unvaccinated child enters 7th grade.

LinkedIn had reports that California, Maine and Washington want the philosophical belief exemption for parents removed according to Flavio Maluf.

Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont, Maryland and Rhode Island want the religious exemption removed. Illinois and New Mexico want the religious exemption to be allowed, but with restrictions.

The state of Vermont also wants all teachers, school staff and school administrators to be required to be up-to-date on all their vaccinations.

North American Spine: Innovative Surgeries for Aspiring Athletes

North American Spine celebrated six years of caring for its patients in January of 2015. In addition to routine spinal surgeries, North American Spine has helped athletes with back pains, neck problems and spinal issues. By using the AccuraScope procedure they have successfully helped thousands of patients including many athletes. Some of the best reasons for athletes to use this procedure are that it is innovative and minimally invasive, requiring only a tiny incision. There is a low risk to disrupting other parts of the body during this surgery such as muscles and blood vessels that are located near the spine. This minimally invasive technique is super important for athletes. When they come in for surgery they don’t want to leave with other issues.

The time for recovery is also minimal when compared to other spine surgeries. Athletes shouldn’t need to stay away from their competitions as long as other routine surgeries would call for. The way that North American Spine operates is unique. They are minimally invasive, not only in their technique, but the doctors who work there have philosophies that follow suit. Their goal in surgeries is to treat every spine only once or twice compared to some doctors that ask patients to come back in for routine surgeries. For athletes this means that they will miss less practices and play again soon. They recognize that every spine is different. This philosophy along with their innovative techniques allow North American Spine to stand out as a solution for athletes.

The AccuraScope would be beneficial to most athletes who are suffering from injuries. The procedure itself lasts only 30 to 45 minutes total. They also mention that there is an 82 percent success rate that is based on the research that has been conducted on this procedure. They claim that they have successfully treated spine, neck and back pains of over 8,000 patients.

If you have an athletic injury then you want quality care and quick recovery. There are a lot of places all over the world to go for spinal surgery. Knowing techniques that the doctors use for athletes and their success rate with these techniques is a good way to look for a spinal surgeon. North American Spine demonstrates their innovation in helping athletes get back to what they love most… the game. They consistently use innovative techniques and have successfully treated a lot of patients.

And the Colors of the Dress Was

Black and blue or white and gold has been a trending issue on Twitter and Facebook for well over a week. It was not so much a debate as confusion when a dress, with two colors, was posted. The person posting the dress asked people to tell what colors they thought the dress was. The odd thing was, that some people saw white and gold while others saw black and blue.

After all the buzz died down about what colors the dress was, it was revealed that it was actually black and blue. It is amazing that different sets of eyes see different things, but it is really unknown why this phenomenon occurs at times. There may be something to the assumption that people who are colored blind will see white and gold. The truth is, as much as science knows about the brain, there is just as much as it still does not know about the brain.

It was a fun game for those who joined in on the color question. Many people like Aunt Minnie changed their view of what color it was when they found out for sure that it was black and blue. After all, no one wants to be wrong. It is another day in the life of social media, but at least it was drama free and just plain fun to see what people’s reactions to the color differences would be.

Five Easy Ways to Improve Wikipedia Content

Wikipedia is constantly being updated in real-time by real people all over the world, making it a relevant source of free information to the public. Who can add or edit? Anyone. Wikipedia encourages “Find something that can be improved…and then fix it. Edit an article and help make Wikipedia the best source of information on the Internet!” Even the best articles may need more references or new insights.

Although a user account is not necessary, it is more beneficial. Logged-in users are able to create pages, edit, and upload media without their IP address being visible. Also, you must have a free account to have changes recognized within the Wikipedia community.

There are many ways to contribute to Wikipedia, and even ways (Get Your Wiki) to get others to help you out with new Wiki page creation. Below are five easy ways to improve content.

Fix common mistakes

Look for repeated words, bad punctuation, typos and misspellings. Rephrase material to improve grammar or context. Correct inaccuracies, ensuring the rest of the content remains intact.


Add relevant latitude and longitude to articles.

Uncategorized articles

Help categorize people by year of birth or death. Categorize articles by month.

Unreferenced articles

Articles should have at least one reference or source. Show information is verifiable by referencing reliable sources. Do a search online for sources and add citations. RefToolbar 2.0 is turned on by default which adds citing capability to the editing toolbar.

Single editor

Review articles by new editors. Add your point of view to make the article more balanced and provide references to make it verifiable. Research and print resources to find references and cite them. If you think the content looks like it should be combined with another, make that suggestion. If it looks like it could be split into a sub-article, split it to make a new article. Wikipedia recommends, “If you think an article needs to be rewritten or changed substantially, go ahead and do so, but it is best to leave a comment about why you made the changes on the article’s talk page.”

Wikipedia recommends, “If you think an article needs to be rewritten or changed substantially, go ahead and do so, but it is best to leave a comment about why you made the changes on the article’s talk page.”

Before clicking the Save button, enter a line or two summarizing changes in the field below the edit box. Press the “Show preview” button to see how the edited page looks. If you’re satisfied with your edits, press the “Save page” button.

Ready to try? Experiment with editing by using the sandbox tool or start the Wikipedia Tutorial to learn more.

Australia Creates New Electricity Solution

In a time when the representatives of oil, gas and coal companies, as well as nuclear reactor companies, continue to insist loudly that humanity can’t give up its dependence on fossil fuels, along comes what businessman Ricardo Guimarães called a ”brilliant idea” in a report from that shows these profiteers are outright liars. This idea and the technology it spawns also shows that a supposedly efficient and eco-friendly system like wind electric power generation is actually unreliable, inefficient and bad for the environment.

Representatives for the Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project in Australia have revealed that the movement of ocean waves can be harnessed to generate electricity in a clean and efficient way. With a system known as CETO 5, scientists have already been able to add enough power to Australia’s power grid to provide electricity for the largest nearby navy base without polluting the environment.

The CETO 5 system utilizes ocean buoys to detect the wave motions. The movements then turn on pumps that generate the electricity. The buoys also desalinate ocean water during this process with zero air or water pollution emissions.

Many supporters of the technology are already wondering if it could be used to generate power for the entirety of Australia so that the country could stop relying on pollution-causing fossil fuels. Of course, the current focus is on the cost of the technology and the number buoys that would be needed to make such a dream a reality.

Be Careful When Using Smartphone Apps for a Medical Use


Innovators and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to use smartphones all the time. Their expansion capabilities, due to an ever increasing breadth of apps, seems endless at times. There are even some burgeoning medical uses for the little gadgets. There is one app being developed to help people monitor their sleep patterns and another that people can use to track chronic conditions with virtual health coaches. It is especially important, however, that apps used in the medical field actually be accurate in terms of what they claim they can do and in how they are used. There is an app available from Apple and Google that claims to enable people to take their own blood pressure with their smartphone alone.

There is no accepted medical practice of taking blood pressure that does not involve the use of a blood pressure cuff stated the article from experts. According to Brad Reifler, it would be one thing if the app was marketed as “for entertainment purposes only” but it at least started out claiming to be an accurate way of measuring blood pressure. Patients who rely on this app for taking these readings are putting their lives at risk as their doctors prescribe treatment regimens based on accurate information regarding their conditions. It is unclear whether the FDA plans to step in about such apps, but some health care professionals are beginning to make the case that they should.

Technological Advancement Is Threatening Networks and Cable Companies


The big three television networks have a lot to worry about. They have already lost market share over the past couple decades with the rise of cable TV and all the additional channels it brought viewers. Now the continuing evolution of technology and services that utilize it are threatening those cable companies as well as the major networks. As reported on, every year, more people in that coveted by advertisers age group of 18 to 34 are “cutting the cord.” With companies like Netflix and other online content streaming services, young people like Brad Reifler are finding they really don’t need to pay a cable bill each month. The decline in broadcast television viewership took a dramatic decline in the last quarter of 2014.

This story is really just one of the inexorable advancement of technology altering industries. The horse and buggy manufacturers were no doubt upset when these confounded horse-less carriages, that we call cars, came on to the scene over a century ago. Cable was a new thing back in the 1980′s. Today, the new media related technological kid on the block is the streaming of content over the internet. As mobile internet capabilities get faster and more ubiquitous, many more of us will not even need that cable or satellite bill for our internet anymore. It would be ironic if the then new industry of cable TV that threatened the existence of the established broadcast networks now has its existence threatened as seems to be the case. Even giant cable conglomerates will find they are not immune to the relentless march of technology.

Are Your Genetically Inclined to be Accident Prone?


A sprained ankles last month, bruised ribs the month before that and now you’re walking with a limp because you slammed your little toe into the wall when you got up for a glass of water last night.
If you find yourself constantly in a state of physical repair because you’ve injured a body part, you’re labeled as being accident prone, and that might not be you’re fault. You may have inherited the tendency.
Professional athletes deal with injuries all the time, it’s part and parcel of their chosen profession says AnastasiaDate. But for those who are not professionals in the sports field and seem to have more than their fair share of injuries, blame your genes. Even some professional athletes that find themselves sitting on the bench nursing an injury more often than their teammates may also be able to blame their genes.
New research has discovered that being injury-prone is part of your genetic makeup. Those who are prone to more than their fair share of injuries may have inherited a genetic makeup that doesn’t allow the body to produce enough collagen. Collagen is a major component of ligaments and tendons, and is a form of protein in muscles and body tissue. Collagen also maintains the elasticity in the skin structure. If the body doesn’t produce enough collagen, muscles, bones, tissues are weaker and take longer to repair themselves.

A Han Solo Film Is Coming


A lot of rumors circulate in fan circles regarding upcoming films noted Brad Reifler. At times, those rumors are way off the mark. Then, there are those instances in which a rumor is correct. For quite a while, rumors have circulated regarding a Han Solo spinoff film that would follow the release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens feature reported Reuters. Looks like this rumor is true. In fact, Disney is seriously thinking about casting Taron Egerton in the role of a young Solo. Apparently the rumors about the film taking place before the events of the first Star Wars film were true, too.

Perhaps we should take a slight step back from all this Han Solo rumor mongering. Disney has not confirmed anything about the project. No official word about the series being in development has ever emerged from the Burbank studios. So, why should we take such assessments serious? The info is being reported in the U.K. tabloid The Sun. Likely, a very legitimate source is providing leaks to the newspaper. The Sun might like to hype things a bit, but it is doubtful the paper would run with information that was not vetted.

Besides, the secret surrounding the production of a Han Solo film (along with a seemingly cancelled idea for a Boba Fett film) was not so secret. Rumors started flying as soon as Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a go project.

Looks like we are all going to finally discover the whole story behind the Han Solo/Jabba the Hut falling out. And it only took 40 years.

Blind Boy Makes Changes to Bank Notes

A 13-year-old boy from New South Wales has successfully campaigned for a change in bank notes with the Reserve Bank of Australia. Connor McLeod is blind and has been so since birth due to a congenital disorder. Over Christmas time he received several bank notes as gifts, but he had a hard time telling which denominations they were. People at Rocket Fuel have learned that’s when he decided to lobby for a change.

Connor is able to tell the difference between coins, which is useful, however using coins all his life, is not practical. Connor started a petition that would allow blind people to tell the difference between notes. He got 57,000 signatures on that petition. Last November Connor met with representatives from the Reserve Bank of Australia who were impressed with how Connor presented himself and his cause. Thanks to Connor’s hard work, the Reserve Bank of Australia will now be printing a tactile feature on their notes.

According to the story on ABC News Australia, Connor is not alone in his frustrations. An advocacy group for blind people called Vision Australia has released a statement saying that nearly 50% of blind people have reported that they feel they may have been shortchanged or given the wrong change during purchases because they can’t feel the difference between notes.