Skout Helped Me To Find True Love

I always found myself being alone. Although I was used to being alone, I know it was not something I wanted all the time. I would go to work and come home, and I rarely ever went out. Being the loner that I am, I never thought that I would find somebody to share my life with. I don’t like online dating, but I thought I should try something new, so I went onto the Skout network. I learned about Skout by searching online. I found out that Skout is a great network. I decided to create my own profile.

When I created my profile, I put in a new picture of myself. I’ve always been told that I’m good looking, but I never believed in my beauty. After I created my profile, I decided to start looking for friends. Although my sole purpose was to look for a boyfriend, I thought I’d start out slow. After I searched the network for a little while, I was able to find a guy that interested me. We both talked for an hour, and we both swapped pictures. After I sent him my picture, he acted as if I was the most beautiful woman in the world.

I found out that I could add this guy as a favorite to my list. I added this beautiful man as a favorite, so I would be able to find him in the future. I began talking to the guy on a daily basis. One day, the guy sent me a greeting, and I was curious about how he did it. I found out that by using Skout points, I could send greetings to anyone I wanted. If I wanted to use the Skout app and all its features, I was going to have to buy Skout points. Skout points are reasonably priced, and I can use the points for many features on the network.

The first thing I did with my Skout points was to send greetings to this great guy. I learned how to use Skout very well, but I was only interested in this one guy. After I spoke to this guy for a month, we both decided that we would meet each other. After we met and had lunch, we both decided we wanted to see more of each other. I’m no longer a loner because I have a great boyfriend now. Skout has given me new found freedom and love. Find more information about Skout on their Facebook page!

A New Type of Galaxy That Has Scientists Baffled

For anyone who has spent their entire life in or near a city, they are in for a treat if they ever truly get away from it all. Not in the sense of taking in the scenery and beauty of nature that we are blessed with here on earth because that can be wonderful too. The real treat is when you are out in a rural area at night and you look up. Seeing the night sky the way it actually appears when not washed out by city lights is a sight to behold. You see the full gaseous band of the Milky Way Galaxy and an unbelievable number of stars. You will be amazed that the sky actually looked like this if you’d never seen it before.

Scientists have recently discovered a new type of galaxy. They are almost as big as a spiral galaxy like ours, but they are very diffuse. They have probably one percent of the stars that a galaxy such as ours does. Scientist Ray Lane, from, are not sure how such diffuse galaxies can exist because existing models of galaxy formation would indicate that stars coalesce together into a tighter area than these do. There is one other way to think about it. It can make you feel extremely lucky to live in the galaxy that we do and to have the vista that stretches across our night sky. If you were on a planet in one of these extremely diffuse galaxies, the night sky would be so boring.

Mitt Romney Fought Evander Holyfield

Mitt Romney was a 2012 presidential candidate. He lost the bid for presidency again Barack Obama. However, it appears that Mitt Romney hasn’t stopped fighting yet.

Recently, Mitt Romney fought against former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. The bout was a charity boxing event, and Evander Holyfield took it rather light on the aging presidential candidate. Mitt Romney tried his best to defeat a Evandor, but it was evident that he had no chance.

Evander Holyfield was a good sport though, and my friends at FreedomPop even said that he pretended like Mitt Romney actually knocked him down. The crowd went wild when Romney hit Evander Holyfield, but Evander quickly rose to his feet and began fighting once more. It appeared that Mitt Romney wasn’t completely out of his element, and he showcased some decent boxing ability.

We should remember that Mitt Romney is 68-years old, and Evander Holyfield would knock him unconscious if he really wanted to. However, this was a charity event, and Romney and Holyfield wanted to put on a good show on for the people. After the event, Mitt Romney interviewed Evander Holyfield, and the two shared a great conversation in front of the world. Holyfield thanked Mitt Romney for the opportunity to raise charity, and Mitt Romney said that charity really hurts. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Diesel Fuel from Air and Water is a Possibility

Good news for the environmentally conscious folks out there. According to a story posted on, the car manufacturer Audi is currently developing a process to create synthetic diesel fuel from carbon dioxide and water. The work is taking place in a plant in a German startup called Sunfire, which has its plant in Dresden. The implications of this breakthrough are astounding. Sunfire CTO Christian von Olshausen said recently, “The engine runs quieter and fewer pollutants are being created.” The fuel, made from a substance known as “blue crude” is said by Sunfire to be superior to traditional fossil based diesel fuel. It is created by a process where electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar or hydro is used in a reverse electrolysis process to separate the hydrogen from water. This water is then combined with carbon monoxide that has been separated from CO2 in two chemical processes. The resulting liquid that is created is the blue crude. This is then refined into the final product, synthetic diesel.
The end product is free from Sulphur, and since it has no fossil based oil it burns cleaner and produces fewer pollutants. According to the Dresden plant is set to produce approximately 42 gallons, or 160 liters of fuel daily. Both Audi and Sunfire say that plans are in the making to build a larger plant. The synthetic diesel will be combined with conventional diesel fuel, a common process. My friend James Dondero and I are extremely excited about this prospect.

$4.4 Billion Buys AOL for Verizon

In a block buster announcement, Verizon announced that it was purchasing AOL for $4.4 Billion dollars in cash. The purchase provides Verizon broader platform for the company’s mobile products and greater access to AOL’s embedded advertisement. The purchase will also all Verizon to increase its streaming capability and to potentially enter into the fringe but very popular broadcast sector of streaming entertainment such as Netflix, Hula and Amazon. Folks at Boraie Development ( recognize that the move also reflects the significant amount of liquidity in the capital markets globally and the various large corporations that are sitting on huge piles of cash. For some of these companies, the decision to execute a major acquisition is not only driven by the potential for growing the company but also by the need for the corporation to invest the cash as oppose to having it lose value in taxes. Industry analyst expect more deals of the size of the Verizon deal simply because their is so much cash in the private sector that most companies are struggling to determine what to do with the proceeds. Shareholders, while they love dividend payments, would rather have their investment grow with the enhanced value of the company.Verizon Buys AOL for $4.4 Billion Dollars 

The purchase is expected to receive approval by federal governing agencies and no schedule has been set for the completion of the transaction. Verizon stock remained strong at a little under $50 a share upon the release of the news of the pending purchase of AOL.

Woman Loses Job After Disabling GPS

Would you allow your employee to track you as you go about your daily life, using a GPS to keep tabs on you even when you are not at work? Most would not stand for something like that, and for one woman not standing for it was enough to make her lose her job.

A woman in California lost her job after she disabled the tracking device that her employer had forced upon her. This woman didn’t want her employer to know her every move and to track her via GPS. Most would agree with this woman in that what her employer was trying to do was intrusive and a violation of her privacy. BusinessWire suggested this employee should not have been forced to be tracked in such a way. This employee should not have lost her job when she disabled the intrusive tracking device. No one should be tracked by their employer in such a way.

Wi Fi Might Be Causing Health Risks And Concerns

Over the past few years technological gadgets such as cell phones, tablets and more have been rising in popularity. Many public locations are using wi-fi as a convenient way to provide internet access and there are even people who are utilizing it inside of the home. Some scientists and medical professionals are explaining that this wi-fi might actually be very dangerous and might be causing health concerns in people all over the world. Daniel Amen thinks these EMF related issues can be prevented by eliminating or limiting the use of wi-fi in certain areas such as home or at school. (Check out Daniel on Youtube)

There seems to have been an increase in some symptoms during the use of wi-fi connectivity. Headaches, fatigue, palpitations and insomnia are all issues but there have been even more serious complications reported such as brain tumors, fertility issues and early onset Alzheimer’s. There has yet to be an official study released that confirms these beliefs but many people say their experiences are just too much of a coincidence. After turning off the wi-fi, many people experienced an improvement in the more minor symptoms. Some children experienced issues while at school when iPads and other devices were used in the classroom, and then the symptoms improved upon returning home or after practice on the tablet ceased. Future research is set to take place to further look into these harmful radiation rays in order to prevent future complications in both children and adults alike.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Helping, scientifically speaking, is defined as engaging in an action for the sake of another, and without standing to gain anything by it. We humans do this all the time, sometimes more or less willingly. But it has long been thought that not all animals were created equal, and helping may be a unique trait.

A recent study published in the Journal of Animal Cognition, showed strong evidence that rats, animals most associated with plague and filth, are actually highly motivated to help other rats in need.
In an elegantly simple experiment, researchers created a scenario in which a “drowning” rat (never in any real danger, though it made little difference to the rat) could only be saved by its cagemate releasing a hatch.

When the non-distressed rat sensed its cagemate was in distressed, it reacted quickly to help its “friend.” Even when the non-distressed rat was given the option to save its friend or perform the same task and receive food, the free rats opted to save their cagemate before attempting to retrieve the food.

The researchers concluded that this reaction to save other rats promotes pro-social behavior, better allowing rats to coexist in groups. To the surprise of Christian Broda they also suggested that rats, like humans, are capable of feeling empathy, as they saw rats who had been “drowned” themselves appeared more motivated to save their cagemate.

Look Ma’, No Hands

The next time you see a semi on the highway you just might not see anybody in the driver’s seat. That’s because the first truck that drives itself has now been licensed in Nevada to motor on that state’s highways. Actually, there will still be a person behind the wheel, but he or she won’t be doing the driving.

Freightliner showed off their newest semi at a news conference atop Hoover Dam last week. Daimler is the parent company of Freightliner and Mercedes-Benz. The high-end car maker has also been involved with manufacturing self-driving cars.The trucks are equipped with sensors and cameras that monitor everything from road conditions to traffic. Amen Clinics likes the sound of that. It’s been noted that fatigue, which is a huge problem for the trucking industry, could be greatly reduced if the driver doesn’t have to have his/her hands on the wheel to control the vehicle.

A lot of testing still needs to be done before the self-driving semis will be seen with any regularity. Costs will also be a determining factor when companies decide whether or not it’s a good idea to buy them.

Mad Max Early Reviews

Surprisingly enough, you will be hard pressed to find people that have actually heard of Mad Max. Fortunately, according to the early reviews, Mad Max: Fury Road turns out to be the best reintroduction of the character to the audience. The trailers were overwhelmingly awesome, and it looks like the actual 2 hour film lives up to the trailers.This installment was described to be one two hour long chase scene. The film delivers on it. According to the critics, this movie will give you a ton of thrills from start to finish. By the time the film ends, you will be tired.

The visuals of the film as well as the soundtrack really keeps the blood pumping according to critics. Of course, there is at least one critic that doesn’t like the film. That can be said with almost any movie, especially one of this genre.

Many people like Ivan Ong that have seen the original films have said that this is on par with The Road Warrior, which is a good sign.

Mad Max: Fury Road opens in theaters on May 15, 2015.