Charles Koch Support For A Clinton Presidency Over Republican Candidates

In an interview aired recently, Charles Koch, a conservative billionaire said that it is possible that Hillary Clinton could make a good president than a republican candidate. When he was asked whether Bill Clinton was a superior president compared to George Bush, Koch answered by noting that he preferred Bill Clinton in a number of aspects and in some ways.
According to Koch, Bill was not exemplary in other ways. Additionally, Koch assets that under Bush’s tenure, growth in government and increased spending was two and half times more as compared to Clinton’s presidency. Subsequently, he was asked about the likeliness of another Clinton being preferable to another republican. Koch answered that it is possible, an answer that may surprise many.

However, when asked if he could finally end up supporting Hillary Clinton, Koch noted that the policies she executed would have to be different from the policies she has expressed. Simply put, Koch noted that they would have to believe that Clinton’s actions would be different from her language. On Sunday afternoon, Clinton’s campaign responded via a sharp tweet pointing out that they are not interested in an endorsement from him.

The left has often criticized Charles Koch together with his young brother, David for making big contributions towards conservative political campaigns. In the previous presidential election, the Koch network is estimated to have spent close to $400 million. Thus far, the network has shunned the presidential primary politics. As of present, the Koch network has only been involved in particular Senate races to counter Democratic Candidates.

In the ABC interview that was aired on Sunday, Koch said that he would not put his money in a move to try to stop Trump. However, he together with his network may stay out of the 2016 presidential race because of the unavailability of good role models. Koch noted that the personal attacks and pitting of persons against each other was the message that was being sent to the country. He also added that he could not figure out how they can support such people.
About Charles Koch

The influential billionaire is the co-owner, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of Koch industries. He and his brother David inherited and expanded the business established by their father, Fred C. Koch. Currently, Koch Industries ranks as the second biggest privately held firm in the United States in terms of revenue. Charles Koch is also a philanthropist and political donor. He was born in Wichita, Kansas. Charles Koch holds a bachelor of science in general engineering and two Master of Science degrees in mechanical engineering and chemical engineering respectively. He is a graduate of the popular Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Impressive Leadership Approach Of James Dondero’s At Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an independently owned investment company that was established in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. In more than 20 years, the company has evolved and currently offers a variety of products to retail as well as institutional investors. It has grown rapidly with more than 180 employees. Highland Capital Management has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with other offices in New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul. It caters for a wide range of clients that include foundations and endowments, pension plans, financial institutions, corporations, high net worth individuals, and governments.

Highland’s investment approach seeks to produce above average returns in a consistent manner. This is achieved through applying time proven principles of investing in addition to maintaining discipline on capital preservation as well as targeting an apt risk/ return balance in all its portfolios. Highland Capital focuses on strategies as well as asset classes where they are sure to provide clients with value for their money by either offering unique access to skill, asset class or unique expertise to the investment process. These strategies are applied on high yield credit, structured products, distressed & special situations, long/short equity, healthcare, emerging markets and real estate.

The investment process at Highland Capital Management has been refined from the company’s experience of over 20 years. Highland’s investment process is based on its ability to recognize mispricing via rigorous fundamental analysis, monitoring, proactive diligence and dexterous trading capabilities. Its investment team is made up of research professional that are industry focused with an average investment experience of 11 years. Some of the responsibilities mandated to these professionals include reviewing existing investments, assessing opportunities and monitoring trends across industries. This information was originally reported on Highland Capitals website as highlighted in the following link

James Dondero heads Highland Capital Management. He is the co-founder and has a combined experience of more than 30 years in the credit and equity markets, specializing majorly on high yield and distressed investing. James Dondero has been instrumental in Highland’s creation of credit-oriented solutions to its investors worldwide as well as in the development of the collateralized loan obligation market. Previously, Dondero worked at the Morgan Guaranty training program, GIC, and American Express before establishing Highland Capital Management.

Under James Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital management has churned out award winning products that include CLOs, private equity funds institutional separate accounts, hedge funds, ETFs, REITs and mutual funds. Aside from Highland Capital Management, James holds positions in other firms. He is the chairman of CCS Medical, Nexbank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. In addition, Dondero is a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

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The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

Promising young people end up missing out on the opportunity to earn a college degree every year because of lack of funding. The problem is ongoing in low income urban areas. Businessman Keith Mann of New York is doing his part to attack this problem. Mann has created the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The award will recognize one graduating senior as an emerging and innovative business leader of the next generation.

Mann has partnered with Uncommon Schools to administer and award this $5,000 annual scholarship. Uncommon Schools is a charter school management organization that runs 44 public charter schools in New York and neighboring states. Keith Mann is aiding the Uncommon School located in Brooklyn, New York. The scholarship recipient will come from this school. Each applicant for the scholarship will write a 1,000 word essay discussing how her or she expects a college education to promote professional achievement.

Keith Mann and his wife Keely have a long-standing interest in all phases of professional development and achievement that is more than just philanthropic. He has over 15 years experience working in the executive recruiting and search industry. Mann is a founder and current chief executive officer of Dynamics Search Partners. The firm offers a full suite of resources for high-end professionals and firms who are searching for top professionals to fill key positions. Mann and Dynamics Search Partners are especially well known for helping hedge funds with their staffing needs.

This new scholarship is evidence of Kieth Mann’s long support of education. However, he takes a philanthropic interest in other issues as well, especially in the New York area. For example, he recently hosted lunch for a precinct of the New York Police Department to show support in the wake of public protests over alleged police brutality.

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Operation Smile and Avi Weisfogel Request Support

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist from New Jersey. He is passionate about quality dental care. He holds the belief that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile that they can be proud of. Philanthropy is part of his life because he knows that quality dental care is not available to everyone. This is the reason that he launched a GoFundMe campaign that will greatly benefit many children and young adults all around the world. Avi Weisfogel has started a campaign for Operation Smile and is requesting support for this charitable organization.

Operation Smile was started in the year 1982. This began in the Philippines. Bill and Kathy Magee saw a need. This is how the organization got started. It spread and grew all through the world. The goal was to help children and young adults. Many are born with facial deformities. They may not have the necessary medical equipment or professionals in order to receive the needed medical care. This Operation does have a goal. The goal is to provide each child with hope and proper medical care by trained professionals. This charity organization has the ability to provide the needed surgical treatments, supplies, qualified professionals, and education to young adults and children who have a need. These are individuals who would not have the opportunity to obtain the necessary care without this organization. This GoFundMe campaign is one that is creating beautiful smiles around the world. Operation Smile will conduct medical missions. These missions are conducted in various locations around the world. This assessments may determine that medical equipment will need to be imported, training might be required, volunteers needed, and anything else that might be needed in order to provide needed treatments to those in need of good dental care.

Dr. Weisfogel was born and raised in New Jersey. He provides quality dental care to his patients at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. Quality dental care is something that Dr. Weisfogel is passionate about. He has a remarkable background and education.

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Talk Fusion Is The Number One Platform In The World

Talk Fusion has ascended to the number one spot in the world for video communications. Talk Fusion was designed to help people talk over video instead of sending standard emails, and it is an all encompassing program that is going to help people talk in real time to anyone they want. The videos can be sent over email, or massive video chats can be started among all the people who are following along.

The best thing about this is that it is so accessible. Anyone will be able to sign into this at any time, and they can learn how to use it pretty easily. There are a lot of people who are spread all over the world who need to talk, and they will be able to talk on Talk Fusion at any time. They can subscribe and download the software today, and they will be talking very soon after.

Talk Fusion is also easy to put on corporate computers when the whole company wants to get involved. The company can have an account with Talk Fusion, and that account will make it very easy for them to give everybody a login that is going to let them talk. Video emails can be sent to anyone at any time, and the video chats are going to happen in real time without slowing down. There are a lot of people who are trying to make the most of their communications by typing faster, but it is actually easier for people to get the help that they need by downloading just one program.

Talk Fusion has made it to the top of the world rankings because of how simple and easy it is to use. Talk Fusion offers subscriptions, and they are going to fit on any computer in any office or home. It is going to be easy for people to send video emails that clearly express their ideas, and it is going to be even easier to get everyone on board to have a chat over video. Video chat is easy, and it is the only way to do business in the modern world.

Beneful Dog Food Keeps Your Dog Healthy And Happy

Beneful dog food has become my dog Jessie’s best food. My dog has been my loyal companion and soul mate. When I’m alone and depressed I only have twitter and my dog Jessie is always there to comfort me. Sometimes Jessie wags her tail and looks at me with those droopy eyes and instantly makes me feel like showing her some attention. Jessie has always been a good companion ,but she has also been a very finicky eater. When it comes to dog food Jessie will only dine on the good stuff. Other dog food that uses cheap filler and low-quality protein sources just don’t cut the mustard with Jessie. has always lived up to the representation of making a great and tasty dog food. I read in the Daily Herald that a man that works for Fresh Pet actually tasted some dog food that was labeled as turkey dinner and quoted,”It actually taste like turkey dinner”. The fact that Michael Hieger actually tasted the dog food out of the tube says a lot about quality and care that goes into gourmet dog foods. Most dog food manufacturers would never set the bar by having a taste test of their product.

Purina Store dog food brand also uses some of the best ingredients available to make Jessie’s finicky pallet feel like it’s getting the treat of a lifetime. Jessie is so happy when I pop open some Beneful dog food and feed her. Sometimes Jessie even does a routine of new tricks to get the mouth watering savory taste of Beneful. I love Jessie and as a dog, she has been the best pet a person could own. When I think about all the years Jessie has been around I give thanks to Beneful as one of the reasons my best friend has been there all these years.

Beneful is a dog food that you can trust to keep your pet alive and active. The years of enjoyment and friendship will last many times longer when Beneful dog food is at the forefront of pet provisions. Beneful also will allow you to know as a responsible pet owner that you have given your animal the best food available. Like Beneful’s page:

How Computers See: The Growth and Development of the Digital Eye

Image Recognition has already had a major impact on modern-day society, even if that impact may feel subtle. Fingerprinting, though an older form of security, is now common enough to be seen in cell phones and laptops as an extra layer of protection. Digital cameras of all shapes and sizes can detect the faces of friends and family and focus on capturing that perfect smile. Eye scanners may be a popular gadget in high-tech science-fiction, but they are actively in use today both to examine the health of the eye, and to identify individuals by the unique patterns of their iris.

The way computers see us changes and grows every year. As the technology develops, engineers find new ways to use this potential to better our lives. Using computer vision lets us closely examine our health, as well as improve our levels of security in more ways than just looking at our fingerprints. Computer Eyes are unbiased, and can be easily taught to look for even the smallest detail that an organic eye might miss. The level of detail a computer can achieve means that they not only can be difficult to fool, but that detail can mean the difference between seeing the beginnings of a dangerous illness, or helping to identify an elusive criminal.

As technology develops it takes some time to show up in the daily lives of the average person. Expensive new computers are often out-of-reach, and technology used by the government and hospitals are under lock and key, and usually have very specific uses. Product recognition has come so far that now the average person can use it to make their own lives easier and more enjoyable. QR codes are fun and can hold plenty of information. Online translators can allow the traveled individual to read signs and brochures in a different language.

Slyce is a company dedicated to bringing this power and flexible technology to the hands of everyday people. Slyce’s powerful image recognition program can scan QR codes, Barcodes, coupons, 2D images, and 3D objects. The program allows customers to find items on databases, making it easier to find exactly what they’re looking for in a vast world. This visual searching technology is on the rise, and as cameras continue to improve, it can only get better from here.

The Not so New Queens of Drama

It has been a year now since the popular, Queens of Drama, debuted on the POP network. This show has developed a following of viewers who tune in each week to get behind-the-scene looks into daytime drama. A powerful cast of former daytime and primetime ladies make this sleeper hit one to watch.

Several of the actresses starring in Queen of Drama are well known in their own right. Donna Mills, who kept us glued to our television sets in the 80’s plays a version of herself in this addictive drama. Another well known actress is Crystal Hunt. Crystal is well known for her role in the daytime soap- The Guiding Light. She won a Daytime Emmy for her depiction of a troubled teen.

Ms. Hunt went on to star in several motion pictures, earning her a lot of new Facebook fans. Most notably was “Derby Stallion” with Zac Effron and “Sydney White,” starring with Amanda Bynes. shows how Crystal continued to find roles in daytime TV, including a stripper in One Life to Live in 2009. She also starred in Magic Mike XXL in 2015. The actress was tested as she flew from Savannah, Georgia to star in Magic Mike to Los Angeles, where Queens of Drama was being filmed. Ms. Hunt starred in first time director, Dylan Baker’s movie, “23 Blast.” In addition to acting, Ms. Hunt produced her own film called Talbot Country, with her best friend,Dania Ramirez. This is true story about a young football player who develops blindness. Well known actors, Steven Lang and Timothy Busfield round out this impressive cast.

FamousBirthdays writes the acting bug seemed to have struck her early in life as she used acting as her talent in pageants at the age of 2. She has become one of the fan favorites in Queens of Drama. You can catch up on episodes through Amazon or other providers.  Be sure to see Crystal’s acting reel on YouTube, but don’t overlook her other artistic endeavors on her website.

Why Beneful Dog Food? Why Not Take The Guess Work Out Of A Healthy Dog Food

When it comes to our dogs, there’s certainly noting like coming home to that wagging tail and excitement you get only from dogs. There is something about walking in the door and being greeted as you have been gone for years. Come on, you know what I mean. You can hardly get in the door and put your stuff down. Their family and they know you. The dogs know immediately if something is wrong and their only job is to make you better.

Beneful wet dog food takes the guess work out of choosing the right nutritional dog food. It has only wholesome ingredients and amazing flavors that attract your BFF. With twenty some flavors to keep them healthy and full of spunk.

Choosing Beneful dog food is easy if you look at the variety of proteins it offers. You have pork, lamb, chicken and beef that is blended with things like carrots, barley, green beans and rice. Just like people, dogs have their favorite kind. Some like it with chunks, some finely diced and some pate. Take time to read the label and your dog will let you know just how good you done choosing the right flavor.

Chopped Blends™ or Hearty Roasters®, made with love and nutrition just for your BFF. There are different sizes for different size dogs. From the 3 oz to 10 oz sold at Wal Mart, there’s a size that will be the best for your pooch.

And with such a variety of dog foods, how can you go wrong. Twenty wholesome and inviting meals such as; Prepared Meals™, Medleys, and Chopped Blends are just a few.

Oh and the wonderful snacks that you no longer worry about as they too are good for your dog. There are amazing types to choose from; Purinastore’s Beneful brand Baked Delights® Dog Snacks Stars™ are made with bacon and cheese into a Shortbread cookie. You can select the Beneful Dog Snacks Stars™ – Also a Shortbread cookie that is made up of chicken and cheese. Oh and the amazing Beneful Dog Snacks Hugs™ that are teaming with flavor that are soft, and have savory centers that are made with beef and cheese. Your pooch will worry you to death with tricks when they get the Beneful Dog Snacks Snackers™ that are bursting with flavor of peanut butter and cheese and are oven baked. j

Beneful Dry Dog Food: offers your Best Friend Forever, a chance at not only a healthy meal but it’s chocked full of flavor and things that dogs need.



iFunding, A Different Approach To Real Estate Investment

iFunding founding member William Skelley was recently crowned a member the “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders” an organization led by Michael Stoler. Michael is the Managing Director of the company Madison Realty Capitol. he also hosts the Stoler Report which is the television show that focuses mainly on business trends as well as real estate all based within the 3 state region. This induction of William Skelley shows the amount of success he has had in the real estate industry with his use of the iFunding platform. The iFunding platform is William’s flagship idea which he started together with Sohin Shah his long time friend and collage roommate.

William Skelley has had many prior business experiences which ultimately led him to the idea of combining the potential of crowd funding with real estate investment. His work at the Rose Park Advisors as a principal allowed him the privilege of seeing the potential of crowd funding. The founder of the hedge fund Rose Park Advisors was professor Dr. Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School. His focus was on disruptive innovation which was effectively used by the hedge fund to find and invest in companies that were taking advantage of future business trends.

The iFunding platform essentially allows a group of smaller investors to pool their resources in order to invest in real estate that was historically not accessible. Both the developer and the operator now have the ability to raise funds as well as build relationships and handle both administration and legal documentation. Extensive capital and industry contacts have been necessary in the past to gain access to institutional quality real estate deals but iFunding has since provided us with the opportunity for all investors to take part in real estate. A minimal fee of $5000 can get you started as an investor from the long list of pre-screened deals available. All types of property are available, family homes, offices and retail. The range is very large although only very few of the deals presented to iFunding actually makes it onto the available real estate list. Preferred equity investing is the investment of choice for the iFunding platform and allows the company to put its investors in a positive profit position in the future. A combination of investment security and financial returns is the key to success when it comes to real estate.  See more about what Skelley is doing at iFunding on Facebook, otherwise the company Twitter has real time updates.