Skout Announces Success Of The Skout Travel Feature

Skout proudly introduced Skout Travel, about 15 months back, and they are even prouder to announce that over 10 million people have virtually traveled using the feature. Skout Travel was introduced to the network, in order to help people to travel virtually to another country, region, or destination. There are many different features that Skout Travel has to offer, and many users of the network have taken advantage of it. Skout currently has over 100 million users on its network, and more users keep joining regularly. Skout is located in over 180 countries, and can be found in 14 different languages.

PR Newswire recently reported that Skout Travel has surpassed the 10 million mark for global journeys. Skout Travel is used, in order for a person to virtually go to a destination that they’ve never been to before, collect information, and even meet new people. Many people want to go on trips, but it can be extremely costly, especially going overseas. What if you could virtually travel to a country, see many sites, and learn about the country, right from your PC? Many people have found great interest in Skout Travel, and it’s becoming more popular all the time.

Those who have decided to participate in Skout Travel, pay 25 Skout points, in order to go on one virtual trip. Skout points can be purchased through the Skout network using real money, and the points are used to take a virtual journey to any location the user chooses. Since Skout Travel has done so well in such a short period of time, the Skout network has a gift for its users. From January 15 through the 17th, Skout Travel will be free of charge, so there will be no 25 points charged for virtual travel. Users can try out the Skout Travel feature, in order to see why so many users love it.

It’s proven that many women choose to use Skout virtual travel, almost double the number of men. Virtual travel takes many people to U.S. coastal cities, such as Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles. Statistics are also showing that, where international travel is concerned, many choose to go to London, Sydney, and Hong Kong for their destination trips. If you haven’t used Skout Travel before, it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. Get on the Skout network, and try Skout travel for free, before time runs out.

Belkin Competes With Alarm System Companie

The manufacturer Belkin have extended their range of home automation products WeMo by adding modules allowing you to create an alarm system for the home.

Since the launch in 2012 of its range of products, Belkin aims to provide consumers with home automation components (light bulbs, switches, etc.) affordable and accessible remotely through an application on a smart phone (Android or iOS).

As part of CES 2015, the manufacturer announced the marketing, expected this summer, of several monitoring devices for the home. They are offering a wide range of devices, with each providing a distinct use for the purpose of better guarding the home against intruders.

Belkin will offer motion detectors and perimeter sensors (door and window contacts) that can send an alert on a smart phone with the WeMo application.

Finally, the company will also offer a key chain that can send an alert as soon as the person wearing it crosses the threshold of the house. This unit can be used for many; parents could use to find out if their children are back home from school.The manufacturer has not yet announced the price of these products.

As WeMo modules are connected to a central alarm, consumers who install it at home can save few bucks in a month. Systems connected to a central alarm are considered safer because they allow earlier intervention, especially in case of fire. Tech enthusiasts, like Ben Shaoul, and real estate agents alike are excited to see this technological leap forward in home security.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s work on Psychiatry and Neurology

Dr. Daniel Amen is a Psychiatrist who specializes in neurological disorders including ADHD. He is a Post Concussion consultant for the NFL and has done many studies on the neurological affects of traumatic brain injuries.

Over the years,Dr. Amen has done extensive work on a program that involves using a specialized scanner that was designed by him called a single photon emission computed tomography also known as SPECT to compare healthy brain activity to those of people with disorders such as ADHD. The scanner has not been fully accepted by the entire medical community and is subject to some controversy but his work in many areas of psychiatry and neurology is qualified as expert and is widely respected.Dr. Amen has done extensive work at two U.S. military hospitals including: Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C and the Triple Army Medical Center Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. Amen is also double board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. The areas of expertise he is certified in are, General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

In addition to his generalized expertise work in the field of psychiatry and neurology, Dr. Amen is also a Best Selling author on subjects involving the powers of the brain. His work includes books on overcoming disorders and enhancing one’s life through enhancing the power of the mind. Dr. Daniel Amen is also an advocate for nutrition in order to promote brain health.

Daniel Amen is also an accomplished writer. Dr. Amen co-authored a book with Pastor Rick Warren called, “The Daniel Plan-40 Days to a Healthier Life”. In the book he outlines a strategy he devised to enhance one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life through a balanced regiment of healthy food, proper fitness, mental focus, spirit filled faith, and having a strong community of good friends. Pastor Rick Warren has encouraged all his church parishioners to follow this regiment for a healthier and more Godly lifestyle.

Dr. Amen’s professional work in the field of sports is notable. In his work in the NFL it widely recognized that Dr. Amen was the one who made was able to conclusively prove that NFL kicker Tom Dempsey had suffered brain damage through the use of one of his specialty brain scanners. Through extensive testing Dr. Amen was able to diagnose the symptoms Dempsey was suffering from and found that he had three holes in his brain, as well as other damage suffered from his work playing in the NFL that have adversely affected his cognitive abilities. In another high profile sports case, Dr. Amen diagnosed and gave neurological therapy to hockey player Paul Kariya. Because of Dr. Amen’s diagnosis and treatment results of his concussion and following complications he was advised to retire as a professional hockey player.

Mark Ahn Knows Life Sciences

Dr. Mark Ahn is a principal partner at Pukana Partners, and he works at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford University as a professor. He has worked in the biotech field for the last 20 years, and he provides consultancy to people and companies who need assistance the most.

He also gives assistance to students who are looking to start their careers in the field. He has worked with companies to figure out why startups fail or succeed, and he has been running his own company to work with life science firms.

Dr. Ahn is concerned about science and his students, but he is also interesting in helping people put together their startups in a way that will make them viable. He has seen many companies come and go, and he wants to make sure that these companies are going to be able to make it in the world.

Dr. Ahn has dedicated himself to helping other people with their projects, and he has assisted some of the largest companies on the market. He brings this work experience to his students when he teaches his courses, and he makes sure that anyone who darkens his doorway is able to get some assistance in this dynamic field.

Tizen: A New OS For Samsung Smart TVs In 2015

” A new wave of TV may be coming to your living room,” says Bernardo Chua. The Korean Giant electronics brand, Samsung has announced that Tizen will be used in all Smart TVs in 2014 instead of previous OS. Tizen is a new operating system developed by Intel and Samsung in order to bring some enhancement in the functionalities.

“The new OS is designed to expand the entertainment experience as well as functionalities of Smart TVs.”

“The Smart TVs with Tizen will automatically search for the smartphones nearby and connect each other. As a result, the users can also watch live broadcasts on their mobile devices,” told by Samsung.

In 2014, Samsung release a smartphone with Tizen OS and now they are approaching to the TV platform. The Smart TVs with Tizen will not need any console for live streaming of PlayStation 3 or 4.

Tizen OS is similar to the LG’s webOS that is also a Linux-based operating system. Samsung promises to solve the troubles that the users faced in the last OS’s Smart TVs.

Samsung has not announced any Smart TV with Tizen yet, but, we can expect to have it soon. The head of Samsung’s visual display division, Kim Hyun-suk, said to show a Tizen Smart TV at CES 2015.

Mitt Romney Consulting with Leaders & Donors as He Mulls a 2016 Presidential Run

2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney has spent the past few days phoning GOP leaders, top donors, and political operatives to discuss the possibility of another presidential run. Aides close to the former Massachusetts governor report that a decision to run is not a foregone conclusion. Rather, they say Romney is weighing his options closely as he decides whether to run once more for the party’s nomination. Their words are a bit more toned down than what another source declared on Friday. That “aide” stated that the chances of Romney announcing a presidential run were highly likely.

At this point, all that is known for sure is that Romney is seriously considering a third shot at the presidency. For what it’s worth, he spoke with his 2012 Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan over the weekend, and the result was Ryan formally announcing he would not be seeking the party’s nomination in 2016. Up until the announcement, Ryan was considered a likely candidate.

Romney has also been invited to address the RNC winter gathering on Coronado Island, California later this week, but has yet to accept the invitation. At the same time, Jeb Bush was invited and declined to attend. Darius Fisher believes, should Romney appear at the event, it will further fuel rumors that he is running. More on Fisher is available on his Vimeo account. The RNC has confirmed that Dr. Ben Carson will be speaking at the gathering. He is a Tea Party favorite and likely to run for the party’s nomination.

Astrophysicist Gets Late Night Talk Show


Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Host A Late Night national Geographic Talk Show

The astrophysicist, who made the show Cosmos popular in 2014, is going to host a late night series on the National Geographic Channel. The series is called Star Talk. Tyson explained his new project and passion this way: “Cosmos allowed us to share the awesome power of the universe with a global audience in ways that we never thought possible. To be able to continue to spread wonder and excitement is beyond exciting, and National Geographic Channel is the perfect home.”

Star Talk has been a podcast, and the new show will follow a similar format. The format marries popular culture and science. According to Crunch Base, the show will feature scientists, celebrities and other people that can add information and excitement to the program. Bill Nye will have a minute-long spot to rant about different topics, Andy Rooney fans like Christopher Cowdray will be delighted.

The weekly Nat Geo series, which takes its inspiration in name and context from the successful radio show Car Talk will be taped in front of a live audience. The American Museum of Natural History in New York City will be the location for the tapings. The series will debut in April. The first installment will air in tandem with the one-hour special, Hubble’s Cosmic Journey.

New $29 2G Nokia 215 Goes On Sale From Microsoft

Microsoft new basic phone, the Nokia 215, goes on sale the first three months of 2015 to the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is designed for first-time mobile phone users (not people like Jared Haftel) and the 2G speed will allow slow connections to the internet. It is not a smartphone but does allow basic searches through Bing and internet browsing through the Opera Mini browser. It also has MSN Weather, Facebook and Twitter.

The battery in these phones is designed to last up to 29 days and features a single or dual SIM, with the dual SIM cards allowing the user to have more than one phone number. The user will have up to 20 hours of talk time, can listen to music on the built-in FM radio for 45 hours, and 50 hours of listening time for MP3s. There is space for a 32GB micro SD card, and it has a camera. It weighs only 78.7 grams (less than 3 ounces) and has a built in flashlight. It come in black, white and lime green.

Microsoft bought Nokia last year in a multi-billion dollar transaction and will be using the brand name for its less expensive cellphones and tablets aimed at developing markets. Microsoft Lumia 535 is a smartphone created through its new Nokia unit. It features include a five inch display, 5-megapixal camera on the front and back, and is 3G. It is priced at an affordable $135 in the US. Microsoft now has two affordable phones on the market.

Improving Business-to-Consumer Relations with Image Recognition Software

It is not often that a new style of technology comes about with the potential to permanently change business-to-consumer relations, but many are now looking to image recognition software as a dramatic change in the purchasing process. Comparatively, image recognition software is in its earliest stages, but some of the biggest companies in the world are now looking to this unique software as a way to edge out the competition. Here is a closer look at how image recognition and visual search software works and what this will mean for companies that are willing to adopt it as a part of their own marketing campaign and consumer experience.

A Closer Look at Image Recognition
Most specialists agree that image recognition software is going to change the future of shopping, but many are unsure of how this technology works or if it can even be applied in their own field or industry. This technology utilizes complex algorithms to break down an image and then find a matching product or similar product via an internet search. These algorithms use smartphone and tablet cameras to track everything from the color and style of a t-shirt to the make and model of a vehicle and then connect the user with a matching product online, the price range of the product, or connect them directly with a local store selling the product.

At first glance, this software seems like nothing more than an upgraded version of barcodes or QR codes, but technology companies such as Slyce are beginning to show just how powerful these programs can be. Slyce has released a full line of products and services that are all backed by streamlined image recognition software. Business owners, designers, retailers, and publishers can utilize this software to turn every single product that they make into a walking advertisement and storefront. This includes Slyce giving business owners the ability to alter physical advertisements to match a more comprehensive advertising campaign based on image recognition software.

The Future of Image Recognition
With the ability of mobile cameras to perfectly match almost any product in the world, innovative business owners have no doubt begun to consider what this technology will mean within their own industry. Consumers are using their smartphone to make purchasing decisions more than ever, and this means that integrating the smartphone cameras into this equation is a logical step forward. As the world’s propensity to mobile shopping continues to increase, consumers need a tool that moves beyond voice or written searches and bridges the gap to image and visual searches.

In addition to creating a marketing platform unlike anything else in the world, business owners and analysts are going to have unprecedented access into the minds of consumers. Much like point of sale systems and website analytics can be used to track the efficiency of a digital storefront or brick-and-mortar store, visual images will show the spending habits and interests of consumers down to the exact time, date, and location of their purchase. As this technology continues to improve and becomes integrated into more and more industries, the sky is the limit for those that harness the power of image recognition software and visual searches.

John Hurt Awarded Knighthood

The New Year Honors saw John Hurt receiving Knighthood for a career spanning across five decades and more. The 74 year old actor has appeared in a lot of movies and TV shows. Some of his roles – like those in The Elephant Man, Midnight Express, et al are pretty popular. However, there are some other not-so-popular iconic characters that have been played by Hurt. Following are some John Hurt roles that you simply cannot miss -

• Ollivander (Harry Potter) – The Harry Potter movies might have been a disappointment to certain book lovers, especially after the 3rd movie, but the casting of Ollivander – the wand maker – was not. Hurt played the role convincingly, maintaining the eerie edge to the character that fans have loved and feared over the years.

• War Doctor (Doctor Who) – Recently, John Hurt appeared in Doctor Who as the ‘War Doctor’, providing a nice arc to the 11th Doctor’s character. In fact, the role was so great that fans were sad he was only going to be there for a single episode, I know Dr Rod Rohrich was feeling deflated.

• Aragorn (Lord of the Rings, animated) – Not a lot of people know that there is an animated version of Lord of the Rings out there and the voice of Aragorn in that version is by John Hurt. The movie was by Ralph Bakshi. In fact, Hurt has a prolific voice acting career mostly because his rich and deep voice is amazing.

Honorable mention goes to his role of Winston Smith in 1984’s movie adaptation.