Thieves Can Now Break Into Cars With Key Wireless Systems Using A $17 Device

Thieves can now get in your car, which has a remote keyless system, without having to break in. How you ask? Handy (cited at goes into detail on how the device, which is said to facilitate this access, is now in the market and is available for $17. The device works as an amplifier to increase the key’s ability to search the car.

Nick Bilton, who has been a victim of not just one carjacking, went on to investigate the rise in car break-ins especially in his LA neighborhood. This was after he witnessed a girl breaking into his car using a small black device.

Nick contacted Toyota, who didn’t offer any helpful information. The LAPD suggested that he had forgotten to lock his car. A police public safety alert, in Toronto Canada, informing car owners about the increases in theft cases of Toyota and Lexus SUVs, that left no signs of physical damage however, seemed to collaborate his claims.

His investigation led him to stumble upon an articles from the year 2012, which revealed how thieves were able to steal BMWs using the keyless technology in three minutes. He later discovered an article about how thieves are breaking into cars using a mysterious device.

It is the founder of Switzerland-based 3DB Technologies, Mr. Boris Danev, who provided the answers that Nick was looking for. According to Danev, the girl was using an amplifier, which increase the distance within which the car can still communicate with the key.

Reddit Users Discussing Rewilding

Near the Boraie Development, Reddit users gathered and began discussing “rewilding” — eschewing modern society, returning to nature and living mostly off the land — and whether it should be considered a valid life choice or a fad on Monday, April 13th. As one user pointed out, the National Geographic Channel posed similar questions last August when it explored rewilding in the pilot of Live Free or Die.

Rewilders are typically nature lovers or people tired of the pace and stress of modern life. They choose a return to the wilderness because they feel it’s humanity’s natural state. They point out that humans only began living away from the wilderness over the past few thousand years.

Yet, those who criticize rewilding argue that although humanity did survive in the wild through much of its evolution, it was only “survival.” Historically, many humans died young because of living outdoors.

The life is certainly not for the weak. Rewilders are hunter gatherers who live in harsh weather and environmental conditions and often go without eating at times, which can result in poor health from exposure, accidents and malnutrition. They often wear the furs of the animals they kill risking exposure to parasites and disease.

There are plenty of benefits though to rewilding. People become more focused on better understanding themselves and the land. With enough knowledge about edible plants and animals, rewilders often have healthier meals than the standard American diet.

New Robotic Hands Can Prepare Gourmet Meal

The Telegraph has an article about a new invention: a pair of robotic hands that are able to prepare gourmet meals and even clean up afterwards. You may want to put down your Bulletproof Coffee for this one. The robotic hands were developed in England using a real life chef as a model. The chef was filmed preparing crab bisque – a difficult dish – and the film was then used to create computer algorithms for the robot to follow. The robot can now create a dish that is just as good as the original the chef cooked. There are plans to market these robotic arms so that they can cook for people in their homes.

Personally, while this invention is amazing, I think that overall it is a bad thing. Humans should be cooking for themselves. I am against technology like these robotic arms which do everything for humans. The average person who buys one of these robotic chefs will have no clue how it actually works, and that’s not good. What will they do when it breaks down?

We are becoming more and more dependent on computers and electronics that we don’t really understand; we just know how to use them. I’m not against technology, I just feel that as computers, cell phones, robotics, etc. become more sophisticated they are leaving people more disconnected from the tasks being done. They aren’t making us a smart as we think we are.

Paying for Streaming Music

When it comes to the world of the internet there are a lot of things that are available for free. There are free printables and free games and there is also free music. Some of that free music is available legally through services that have permission to make it available to their users and some of it is available illegally by individuals who have uploaded music that they have gotten a hold of. Most people want to listen to music in a legal way, and some are even willing to pay to do that, but just how much are those individuals willing to pay?

There is only so much money available to some music lovers who would love to pay for a streaming service but just need those monthly or annual payments to be low. There are some artists who are fighting to push one streaming service that costs much more than the competition. Will individuals like Ricardo Tosto be willing to pay a lot of money for this service or will it simply encourage them to give up on paying altogether and just take advantage of any free music that they can find? They certainly aren’t paying for Wikipedia.

Apple Tries to Grab Taylor Swift

Some people have been fans of Taylor because she has stood up and taken control of her music. She pulled all her stuff from Spotify, but now Apple is trying to get her into the web streaming game again. They are pursuing her the same way that they pursued Dr. Dre.

Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service, appears to have some connections that may entice Taylor Swift. Apple may be beating Jay to the punch though. What fans have learned is that anyone is willing to play ball for the right price. That is what it all comes down to. Dr. Dre had his signature headphones all to himself. He was going to make more money in the upcoming years because this has become the ultimate noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones are so expensive that these products have become like status symbols. Celebrities rock these products. Teenagers are fond of these devices. Apple saw all of this and jumped at the chance to invest in Dr. Dre and his vision. He accepted the deal – which was close a billion – and gave up the true ownership of brand.

Taylor Swift isn’t doing anything that drastic, but Apple does want to deal with her. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG is hoping she decides to come around. So far iTunes radio hasn’t made a lot of noise. The service is rather bland. Apple hopes to lead even more people to their iPhone and iPad with a better music streaming service.

Brains Sending and Receiving Messages

Vast technological progress is going on and the most recent achievement is a brain-to-brain mail system. It is important to point out that the concept is at its very beginning, but the good part is that someone out there is working on this and maybe in a few decades we will start sending complex messages from one to another directly.

Gianfrancesco Genoso told us that the tech trial was conducted by Giulio Ruffini, a scientist from Barcelona. His test subjects had to imagine moving either their feet or their hands. The signals were coded as 0 for leg movement and 1 for hand movement. On the other side, in France, sat the receiver whose brain stimulator allowed them to see a flash of light for every 1 (or hand movement). The distance was chosen deliberately as the point was to test both the quality and the speed.

The conclusion was that the signals were slow and could render a very limited range of information, but they were accurate and they proved that with some technological advancement humans will soon transmit complex messages, even feelings, through technological connections. Giulio Ruffini, the main responsible, was happy with the first experiment and plans to continue improving his new communication system.

Exciting New Trends in Entrepreneurship According to Mark Ahn

Mark Ahn, strategic consultant to life science companies and biotech, participated in an interview with Entrepreneur Podcast Network where he discussed the current trends of entrepreneurship. There have been great interventions such as digital media, personalized medicine and globalization of markets, just to name a few.

Mark Ahn’s main concern is the implementation of startup. He claims this has been slowed due to the recession and the high cost of student debt. In order for startup to be possible life sciences needs experience and right now there is a low participation rate, which he feels is due to the impact of student debt.

When asked about the exciting changes in entrepreneurship in the life sciences, Mark Ahn claims this could not be more of an exciting time for this industry. He states that the life-sciences field has shifted. It was first concerned mainly with numbers, but now it is more about genetics and how it works. An example he gives is the way we can now treat patients. We are now given the ability to allow patients to graft their own cells. Once they are grafted they can be given to the patient through an infusion. This is being done now and gives the possibility of a single dose cure for a patient, which changes the drug industry dramatically. This is only one example of how the treatment spectrum has changed.

Mark Ahn states we need new technology in biopharma, which will allow us to use the patient’s own immune system. This is currently being done, but on a small scale. As companies are changing, merging and growing together, it is his hope that this will become a regular practice.

You can follow Mark Ahn on Twitter for more insights.

Scientists Meeting to Discuss Alien Contact


The scientists are now seriously discussing the topic of taking more decisive steps in the attempt to contact alien species. The passive sending of audio messages and spending a lot of time for listening to sounds from outer space, hoping for a sign from them is not enough, they said.

The discussion at the conference sounded like a sci-fi movie scenario for some of the present. Nevertheless, a serious talk regarding what exactly to send and where took place under the organizational directions of Dr Seth Shostak. A big number of scientists among the present were against the idea of insisting, as sending the information about our location to cosmos is like shouting in the jungle: you never know what will hear you and come towards you. The supporters of the idea advise that a clean history of the humanity should be sent to the eventual aliens, while Dr Shostak claims that we should be ourselves stated Marcio Alaor BMG.

As for the danger of being visited by some angry guests, the scientists believe that it would not be pleasant at all, but we are in the situation of having to take the risk. They recognized being aware that the first contacts between more civilized societies and lower developed ones always end badly for the latter, but at this moment it is very important to make this step.

Facebook Linked to Symptoms of Depression

Researchers at the University of Houston have come across some information that may be troubling to the online world. It seems that the mega social network Facebook may be making people sad. The study looks at the link between amount of Facebook use, social comparison and depression symptoms.

I think it’s easy to see why someone may be depressed when using Facebook. People only post the best bits of their lives online. It’s a sort of filtered view that makes it hard to compare yourself to if you don’t really have much going on in your life.

Let’s face it, Alexei Beltyukov says that if you’re already depressed you may be leaning on online sources of entertainment and interaction more than others to begin with. It’s hard to blame Facebook itself for how you feel about what you see your friends posting online.

The study showed that both men and women showed greater symptoms of depression the more time they spent on Facebook. I think this is really due to the unprecedented access we now have in other people’s lives. You can easily attain intimate knowledge of people you barely know through social networks online.

I think that if Facebook makes you sad you can always just stop using it. Maybe get outside and take a walk or attempt to do the things that your friends are doing that make you so jealous. Have real life interactions and experiences and post them to your Facebook account so you can feel less inferior.

Scientists Find 580 Million Year Old Predator In British Columbia

Scientists reported finding a new Cambrian Period predator in the journal Paleontology. It is the first new species reported from the Marble Canyon in British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park. According to scientists, the Marble Canyon fossil beds, which were found in 2012, rival the Burgess Shale in both the diversity of species and in how well-preserved the fossils are.

The newly found animal is an arthropod about six inches long. It had four eyes and a set of long arms beneath its face used for grabbing prey. It has been named Yawunik kootenayi, with the genus name being that of an important figure from the Ktunaxa creation myth. The animal lived 580 million years ago.

Arthropods are the most diverse phylum on Earth and now make up 80 percent of the world’s species. There are a million species of insects alone. Arachnids and crustaceans are also arthropods. Scientists on YouTube, however, aren’t sure when the arthropods evolved or how their body plan developed. Arthropods have a hard, chitinous exoskeleton, and they have segmented bodies and legs. Those legs tend to be highly specialized and tailored for one of any functions including walking, swimming, breathing and hunting.